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Angel Tee
Born Angela Tee
(1990-09-28) September 28, 1990 (age 31)
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Other names Angel, A Tee, AT
Occupation Template:Hlist
Years active 2010–2014, 2017–present
Spouse(s) Template:Plainlist
Partner(s) Daniel Christian (2017–present)
Musical artist

Angel Tee (born in Surabaya, September 28, 1990) is an Indonesian model, TV presenter, comedian, singer and songwriter of Chinese descent[1] and Japanese descent.[1] She is famous for her single "Nempel di Hati"[2] & "Ada Uang''.[3]

Early life

Angela Tee was born on September 28, 1990[4]. She has who the members of the 7 Icons (from 2010 until 2014) group are called "Boyish Icon"[1][5] and have fans called "Fanatee".[6]


Angel began her career in the fashion world,[6] having won the Outstanding Fashion Festival Awards[7] for youngest designers. Had auditioned for participants Indonesian Idol 2007.[8] and appeared as Host on Super Deal 2 Milyar in 2010 on ANTV,[8][9] commercial casting and films after that her decided to founded a female vocal group 7 Icons. Group created by Angel was finally shaded by the label of Keci Music. Ihe created a single for 7 Icons entitled Nempel di Hati (English: Always in Heart).[2] Then directed and modeled the video clip "Duo Arka".[10] Conducted a duet project with Chris Ryan (Duo Arka) in a digital single titled "Suara Hati" (English: Sound of Heart). She also became a music producer with Chris Ryan (Duo Arka) and Mars Alexander Kapahang (A + Management) producing Gabriella Rasubala and Puteridya. Related to the departure of 7 Icons from the previous management with a new concept that was carried out, as well as the management of 7 Icons personally, So through this opportunity in July, She used a new stage name "A.T." stands for "Angela Tee" and also made a solo single titled "Oke Bye!" produced by 'Her management (Angel Management).[11] Since October 2014, Angel has leave from 7 icons for wanting to go solo carrer.[12] In December 2014, 7 Icons changed their name to 7he Icons without Angel.[13]

Personal life

Then She Girlfriend also appointment a very handsome, people named Arief Theo. In 2016 Angela Tee decided to divorced.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20] In 2017, Angel met a new girlfriend named Daniel Christian. In his (Daniel Christian) Instagram post, Angel wrote a caption which contained that he (Daniel Christian) was very grateful to have a girlfriend like Daniel, Because Daniel had a good personality in his eyes and could change his outlook on life.[21]


  • The Journey of Love (2012)
  • Cinta 7 Susun (2013)
  • Keci Christmas Songs (2013)
  • Kisah 3 Bintang (2014)
  • Mana Tahan (2014)


  • Playboy (2011)
  • Jealous (2011)
  • Penjaga Hati (2011)
  • Cinta Cuma Satu (2012)
  • Tahan Cinta (2012)
  • Cinta 7 Susun (2013)
  • Pemberi Harapan Palsu (2013)
  • Tiba Tiba Posesif (2013)
  • Mana Tahan (2014)
  • Oke Bye! (2014)
  • Ada Uang (2018)[22]

Music Video

Title Soings Version Information Labels
Playboy "School Girls" Produced and directed by Trans TV for Go Go Girls Keci Music
"Audition" Directed by Monty Tiwa
"Cheerleaders" Video promotion for products Telkom Flexi Gaul Cerdas
Jealous "Rainy Day" Produced by Reza and directed by Kiki Mariana
Sahabat (Best Friend Forever) "Cameo with 7 Icons" Video Clip of Super 7
Lama Lama Gila "Cameo" Video Clip of Jendral Band Nagaswara

TV Shows

Years Titles Roles Productions
2010 Super Deal 2 Miliyar[9] A Tee Visi Media Asia (ANTV)
2011 Go Go Girls Transinema Pictures (Trans TV)
2012 Putih Abu-Abu Screenplay Productions (SCTV)
Fathiyah MD Entertainment (MNC TV)
Iskul Musikal Sinemart Production (RCTI)
2013 Cinta 7 Susun
2014 Bastian Steel Bukan Cowok Biasa Tiara
2017 Putri Titipan Tuhan Sarah Sinemart (SCTV)
Jodoh Wasiat Bapak Hesti Tobali Putra Productions (ANTV)
Etalkshow Herself Visi Media Asia (TVONE)
2018-2019 Uang Kaget Time Keeper/Herself Asia Media Productions (GTV)
2019–present Bedah Rumah (New Season) Herself
WKWK Land Media Nusantara Citra (GTV)

Television film series

  • Playboy Lebay (2011)
  • The Dreams Come True (2012)
  • 7 Kamar 7 Icons (2012)
  • Pangeran Playboy Lebay (2012)
  • Cintaku Hanya Sama Kamu (2012)
  • Roti Buaya (2013)


Products Companies Years
Flexi Gaul Cerdas Telkom Indonesia 2011
Flexi Froid
Susu Bantal Real Good PT Greenfield Indonesia 2012
Album The Journey Of Love Naughty Accessories & Keci Music
7 Icons Looking For The New Icon Keci Music & RCTI 2013
TVM SinemArt & RCTI
Susu Bantal Real Good PT Greenfield Indonesia


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