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Angela Via is the debut album by Angela Via. Originally scheduled for release on June 6, 2000, the album was not available for purchase until 2004 and then, only as a digital download for a limited time. The album features Via's two singles, "Picture Perfect" and "I Don't Care", and includes material recorded before and after Via signed with Lava/Atlantic Records. A Spanish version of the album was also scheduled for release on the same day, but was similarly shelved. Only one single from the Spanish version, "Retrato Perfecto" ("Picture Perfect"), was released.

Although the album never hit stores, several of its tracks can be found on other commercial releases: "Catch Me If You Can" which was included on the Pokémon: The First Movie soundtrack and "Best Friends" which was included on The Little Vampire movie soundtrack. "Wish We Could Be Free" was renamed "Christmas Wish" and included on the TRL Christmas CD. In 2003, "Kissing You" was used in the film Boat Trip.

In 2004, Atlantic Records released the album through RealPlayer's music store,[no citations needed here] where it was available for download for a limited time.


"Picture Perfect" first appeared on Angela's demo CD to Atlantic Records. Written about a high school crush, Angela found the chorus in poem form in her drawer and co-wrote the rest of the song with the songwriting duo Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark. On her Fox Kids TV special, On the Rise, Angela told her ex-crush that she wrote "Picture Perfect" about him.

Angela wrote "Stay Together" with Grammy Award-winner and singer-songwriter Carole King.

Track listing

  • English version
  1. "Picture Perfect"
  2. "Kissing You"
  3. "So Fly"
  4. "Stay Together"
  5. "Wake up with Me"
  6. "Girls & Boys"
  7. "Best Friends" (Sundafu Kawah, Anthony Mazza, Angela Trullinger)
  8. "Wish We Could Be Free"
  9. "I Don't Care" (David Frank, Steve Kipner)
  10. "So You Say"
  11. "A Good Time"
  12. "Start over Again"
  13. "Retrato Perfecto"
  14. "Catch Me If You Can" (Brian Steckler)
  • Spanish version
  1. "Retrato Perfecto"
  2. "Besome Tú"
  3. "Eternamente Te Amaré" featuring Frankie Negrón
  4. "Si Tú Quieres"
  5. "Volver Otra Vez"
  6. "Loco Por Mi"
  7. "No Te Voy a Perder"
  8. "Que Bien Estas"
  9. "A Tu Lado"
  10. "Sólo Me Voy a Divertir"
  11. "Junto A Ti"


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