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Template:Weasel Template:Cleanup Template:Fansite Template:Too few opinions Anita Revel (born 1968 in Swan Hill, Victoria) is an Australian author, columnist for United Press International, body image campaigner and founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia.[1] In the early 1990s she completed a bachelor's degree in Applied Science, a Certificate of Theology and a Diploma of Education, after which she spent time in various roles including scientist, marketing director and Japanese teacher. In 1996 she moved to Sydney as a single mother. Her books are based on her own life.[2]

Inner Goddess

Inner goddess is a concept used in popular psychology and women's circles to denote the feminine aspect of a woman's psyche. When a woman is able to transcend inhibitive social expectations or perceived behavioral requirements and instead act in a way that is right for her, she is said be honoring her inner goddess. Anita defines the inner goddess as "... the beautiful, sassy, intuitive, lovable, sacred and authentic Self that we were born to be." [3]

The concept has been explored by various activisits and writers such as Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen,[4] feminist and activists Starhawk[5] and Zsuzsanna Budapest[6] and the Jungian analyst and cantadora storyteller Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés,[7] but is only in recent times that "inner goddess" is entering mainstream vernacular.

Anita is a new generation writer that explores the topic prolifically. She has developed a 7-point checklist[8][9] to give women guidelines for reconnecting with their inner goddess. A goddess is someone who:

  • Celebrates her physical body and her connection to Earth, family and humanity
  • Is comfortable with infinite abundance, emotional flow and creative freedom
  • Is proud of her Self and her actions in all her aspects
  • Fosters mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels
  • Speaks her truth with diplomacy and shares her learnings with grace
  • Clearly knows what is right for her, and acts in honour of her innate wisdom and intuition
  • Revels in her divine purpose/work with gratitude, dignity and generosity


Anita was born in 1968 in Victoria where she studied and worked until 1995. She was in her mid-twenties when she moved to Sydney with her young son to pursue a career in marketing. She remained there as a self-described "corporate chick" until 2001, when suffering post-Olympic blues, she moved to Western Australia. She now lives in Margaret River with her husband and two children, where her love of ritual and celebration saw her become a civil marriage celebrant in 2008.[10]


  • The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality (ISBN 978-0-9757451-7-5 April 2006)
  • Moon Goddess, Manifest Your Dreams (ISBN 978-1847288691 August 2006)
  • Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras (ISBN 978-0975745168 March 2007)
  • Outing the Goddess Within, One Girl's Journey With 52 Guides (ISBN 978-0615178455 January 2008)
  • The 7-Day Chakra Workout (ISBN 978-0615203294 April 2008)
  • Sacred Vigilance, Wide-Awake Meditation (ISBN 978-0975745144 September 2008)
  • Goddess At Play, A Journal For Self-Discovery and Play (ISBN 978-0980443905 February 2009)


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