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Template:Unreliable sources Template:Infobox hockey team Anubis Ice Hockey Team (Template:Lang-egy) is an Amateur ice hockey team based in Maadi neighbourhood in south Cairo, Egypt. It is the first Egyptian ice hockey team. Their home arena is Ice Planet of Maadi Family Land. The head coach is C. Rolf who used to play for Boston Bruins and the captain is Ayman Abdallah.

The team was founded in 2002 and starting from 2012 the administration started to seek a professional ice hockey team status by contacting the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports. Anubis team is formed of Egyptian volunteer amateurs with ages ranging from 10 to 40 years old. Out of nearly 70 active Egyptian players from both genders, there are around 26 foreigners from Sudan, Europe, North America and Asia.[1]


Anubis team was first founded in Maadi neighbourhood in 2002 as the International Ice Hockey School in Egypt (IHIS Egypt). It was formed of Egyptian school and university students who are interested in ice hockey. They were encouraged by North American expatriates who lived in Maadi and used to visit Ice Planet Rink of Maadi Family Land which is a small ice skating rink that is located at the Nile corniche of the neighbourhood.

The Egyptian team members with the help of expatriates succeeded in buying some vital ice hockey equipment like sticks, pucks, and protective kits. The team also benefited from the already existing ice skates in the rink. In Egypt's 10 ice skating rinks there are over 50 ice hockey sticks in addition to about 26 pucks and more than hundreds of ice skating shoes.

Ice Planet Rink of Maadi Family Land which represents the playgrounds of Anubis team can reach a capacity of 100 spectators but its surface area is 290 m2. That's why the team managed to contact the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to help the Egyptian volunteering youth members of Anubis to have an ice hockey arena in Egypt that follows the IIHF standards.

In 2013, the team changed its name from IHIS Egypt to Capital Biko which means "Hawks of the Capital City" in Egyptian language. This representative name identified the team till 2016 when it changed its name to Anubis.

National Championships

Since Anubis team is Egypt's first ice hockey team, the players of the team are considered to be founders and pioneers of the sport in Egypt. Being aware of this crucial role, Anubis team decided and succeeded in organising two national ice hockey tournaments.

In 2012, Anubis organised Egypt's 1st Ramadani Championship which took place in Genena Mall Ice Rink in Nasry City District in east Cairo.[2]

Anubis divided its players into 8 teams who contested against each other in the championship and the team won its first trophy. Because of the parameters of the ice rink which is only 290 m2 as well, the teams were formed of 4 players each in addition to 2 substitute players.

In 2015, Anubis organised the 2nd Ramadani Championship which was contested between 6 teams formed of Anubis's players as well, and the team won its 2nd national amateur trophy.

Anubis team tried to contact major Egyptian sports clubs like Al Ahly, Zamalek and Wadi Degla, as well as Egyptian businessmen to sponsor and fund the team and help in organising a winter national tournament in 2016. However, this wasn't successful.

Egyptian Ice Hockey Federation

Since 2013, Anubis team started to meet the official of the Egyptian Ministry of Youths and Sports to direct the team members on the way of establishing the Egyptian Ice Hockey Federation (EIHF) which will help the team in launching the Egyptian Ice Hockey League.

Anubis is also trying to contact North American-based and European-based Egyptian ice hockey players to invite them to join the team and Egypt national ice hockey team.

Regional, Continental and International Ice Hockey

With the great and incomparable enthusiasm Anubis team has found among Egyptian youth and public for the ice hockey sport, the team was encouraged to seek regional, continental and international recognition. The team was successful in reaching African ice hockey fellows from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Kenya, Djibouti, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa.

By reaching these African teams and clubs, Anubis team started to think of creating tournaments on regional and continental scale. This includes creating the African Ice Hockey Federation and launching North African Ice Hockey Championship, Africa Ice Hockey Cup, Mediterranean Ice Hockey League, and Muslim Countries Ice Hockey Championship.

Anubis is seeking to insert ice hockey as an Olympic sport in the Mediterranean Games and the Islamic Solidarity Games of the worldwide known organisation, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

As a matter of start, Anubis team started in 2016 to prepare a group of its players to play as representatives for the Egyptian ice hockey national team.

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