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Apex Online Racing (formerly known as Apex Racing Leagues) is an unofficial eSports gaming league specialising in motorsport gaming. They were founded in 2010 as an unofficial F1 2010 gaming competition and has grown to incorporate competitions on Project CARS, iRacing and Forza Motorsport as well as Formula One games.[1]

The organisation prides itself on its reputation as an "online league racing community dedicated to offer clean, fair and competitive racing".[2]

League champions

Formula One

Season Xbox PlayStation PC
3 Template:Flagicon Noble 2909 N/A
4 Template:Flagicon Noble 2909 N/A
5 Template:Flagicon Noble 2909 Template:Flagicon VTi-DOHC Template:Flagicon beninho106
6 Template:Flagicon Noble 2909 Template:Flagicon DarkPSI84 Template:Flagicon Alex Gillon
7 Template:Flagicon Noble 2909 Template:Flagicon NERVO_Rampage15 Template:Flagicon Alex Gillon
8 Template:Flagicon x M a t t y G Template:Flagicon FTR_Christos Template:Flagicon Alex Gillon
9 Template:Flagicon Brociek96 Template:Flagicon FTR_Liam Template:Flagicon Marco FD
10 Template:Flagicon TRL Martin Template:Flagicon Iceman Template:Flagicon Marco FD


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