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Apoorva Kasaravalli is an actor and director in the Kannada film and television industry. He comes from a family of artists.[1] While his father is an internationally renowned film director Girish Kasaravalli, his mother Vaishali Kasaravalli was a well known Kannada actress and director. His sister Ananya Kasaravalli is also an actress and director.[2]

He initially worked in Advertising and later went to study at a film school in Sydney[3].[4] On returning, he assisted his mother Vaishali Kasaravalli while she was directing the hit Kannada Television serial 'Moodala Mane'.[5][6] The 2016 Kannada movie Niruttara starring Bhavana and Rahul Bose was his directorial debut.[7][8][9]


As an actor –

As a Director –


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