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Template:Infobox comics species The Appellaxians are a fictional alien race in DC Comics.

Publication history

The Appellaxians first appeared in Justice League of America #9 and were created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.

Fictional race biography

Seven Appellaxians used Earth as a battleground to decide who would rule their planet as Kalar (Emperor) after the death of the previous one. The Appellaxians were condensed in size and sent to Earth in meteorites. Each of them were able to turn nearby creatures into beings similar to themselves. During their fight, they ended up running afoul of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. They were defeated by the seven heroes who went on to form the Justice League.[1]

A retcon in JLA: Year One miniseries revealed that these were "host" bodies, and that the Appellaxians were all of the same species. The miniseries also featured an invasion of Earth by thousands of Appellaxians, eventually repelled by all of Earth's heroes that were operating at the time. During that time, some of the supervillains also helped in the fight against the Appellaxians resulting in multiple Appellaxian deaths.

The Appellaxians later invaded Earth again and were once more defeated by the Justice League.[2]

Known Appellaxians

Each Appellaxian was a different material. When they reappeared in Justice League of America #200, they were given names, based on the materials:

  • The Wood King
  • The Stone God
  • The Fire Giant
  • The Crystal Creature
  • The Mercury Monster
  • The Glass Man
  • The Golden Roc

In other media


  • The Appellaxians appear in Young Justice. The Appellaxian host bodies are shown on display in the Hall of Justice where it's explained battling their threat formed the Justice League. The host bodies on display appear to be the Wood King, the Stone God, the Crystal Creature, and the Golden Roc who are said to be the only Appellaxian host bodies actually used. In the episode "Salvage", Intergang members Bruno Mannheim and Whisper A'Daire take control of the host bodies and merge them into one Appellaxian Golem which fights Superboy and Blue Beetle. The Appellaxian Golem eventually goes on a rampage, freeing itself from the duo's control. Blue Beetle manages to find a way for Superboy to reason with the Appellaxian Golem, but it is remotely killed by Black Beetle of the Reach.


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