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ArchieLuxury is a YouTube celebrity played by method actor Paul Pluta. The ArchieLuxury Channel on YouTube has attracted over (at time of writing) 17 million views since its founding in February 2009.

Enter Paul Pluta, an intelligent, well-spoken commentator and critic in the area of luxury goods, particularly wristwatches. He has created the Archie Luxury Channel on YouTube. There he tirelessly posts content with watches as the centerpiece of discussion, in a kind of soap opera covering his life, luxury wristwatches, the state of the Western World, women and more.

Mr. Pluta, created and plays the role of Archibald Chesterfield III on the channel. Archie is a living contradiction. He is a snobbish, condescending bon vivant who claims he is lower middle class and readily tells of his foibles, in addition to his continually expressed, unrepentant love of luxury.

The character of Archibald Chesterfield III, more commonly known as Archie Luxury, speaks of himself as an international YouTube celebrity and luxury goods guru. Looking at the comments on his channel, it would appear that some folks love him and some folks, well, let’s just say they like to throw virtual rotten fruit at him. One thing is certain, however. Mr. Pluta, by way of his Archie character, is working hard at succeeding at what he claims is now a full time pursuit. And it seems his base of followers is growing.

Archie Luxury calls Singapore 'pretentious' and 'nasty' in obscene rant. Foulmouthed YouTube celebrity and luxury products expert Archie Luxury recently went on a tour around Asia — visiting cities in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore — and in typical Archie Luxury fashion, he fucking hates ‘em all.

Going on a rant about Singapore’s overwhelming humidity, expensive non-bargainable prices and his disappointment in Orchard Towers’ ‘four floors of whores’, Australian native Paul Pluta verbally obliterates any notions of a pleasant experience here. Apparently, Singapore is not considered Asia’s nastiest nation only because the Hong Kongese are worst “nasty cunts”. Nonetheless, he still calls Singaporeans “nasty, mean fuckers”. [1]

ArchieLuxury has attracted much media attention.

Luxury’s Jekyll and Hyde: Couth and Classy Paul Pluta Creates Crass and Cunning Archie Luxury, Runs YouTube Channel on Luxury Wristwatches, Other Luxury Items; Uses Irreverence to Attract Attention

At some point in a watch lover's journey, he will come in contact with the YouTube channel hosted by Archie Luxury (aka Paul Pluta). Having done over 3,000 videos on watches, luxury pens and leather goods, ArchieLuxury will invariably show up during a Google search about most common watch topics.

Archie Luxury is a very polarizing figure in the community. Some people, including me, think that he is not only a seasoned collector, but a comic actor who has built a character that is a hilarious commentary on the luxury enthusiast's lifestyle. Others think he's a loud, tiresome, foul mouthed wannabe who doesn't deserve a seat at the table. Either way, he's here to stay, so you might as well have a laugh and pick up the occasional insight he drops along the way.[2]