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Astronomical Society Vega - Ljubljana (Slovenian: Astronomsko društvo Vega - Ljubljana, init. ADV) (est. 21 May 2001)[1] is an astronomical club that cooperates with the astronomical group of the secondary school Šentvid (Slovenian: Gimnazija Šentvid) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The two are linked by the fact that many former student members of the school group are now, in their adulthood, members of the society Vega, and also mentors in the school group, mentoring the next generation of science enthusiasts.

The name

The society is named after both Vega, the fifth brightest star in the night sky, and Jurij Vega, the famed Slovene mathematician, physicist and a very proficient artillery officer in the Habsburg military. The star, though, is not named after Jurij Vega, and the name is much older.[2]

Notable events

  • A radio telescope was successfully tested on 22 Sep 2014, which was designed and constructed by the members, under the auspices of resident mentor Andrej Lajovic, and with help from Klemen Blokar, Jure Varlec and others, for the cost of only 600 Euros. It is the first successful attempt at building a radio telescope for detecting the hydrogen line, or the 21 centimetre line, in Slovenia.[3][4][5][6]


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