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Atoms Family is an American hip hop group based out of the New York City tri-state area. The group was founded in 1995. At one point, The Atoms Family consisted of 30 members. It currently consists of 8 members, Cryptic One, Jestoneart, Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, Cip-One, Windnbreeze, DJ Pawl, and Alaska. Atoms Family is on Centrifugal Phorce Records. [1]


Due to the lack of releases, Hangar 18's breakup, and Centrifugal Phorce website going defunct in 2007, The Atoms Family has showed signs of their end. As Alaska stated in an interview with Philaflava: "It just doesn't really exist anymore. It was what it was, it was cool, and basically... we're all sort of on our own right now, doing our own thing. There's no bad blood, nobody hates each other, nobody's mad at each other... it's realistically, I don't see anything happening with Atoms Family again. We're all just doing our own thing"

In 2014 Atoms Family Members Alaska, Cryptic and Windnbreeze dropped a new album under the moniker of ATOMS, called Sands. As their bandcamp page states:

SANDS started off as the examination of the aging artist but then turned into a bigger statement of not only where they had been but where they are today; more mature and nuanced than the earlier work, but holding on to the heavy and cinematic textures that Atoms Family was best known for. The project grew organically, it became its own distinct voice. When looking for a name, the idea of taking Atoms Family was floated around but we decided that too much has happened to take on that mantle again, and quite honestly that was a moment that didn’t need to be revisited. So in order to pay tribute to that proud past, while starting off on something new, the trio dubbed themselves ATOMS, stupid fucking name but still some British asshole once said a rose by any other name right?" [1]


Atoms Family Releases

  • Atoms Family - The Prequel (2000) (Centrifugal Phorce Records)
  • Centa of da Web/Atoms Family - Beyond Human Comprehension / Atoms Family Archives Vol. 1 (2002) (Centrifugal Phorce Records)
  • Atoms - Sands (2014) (Self Released)

Featured on

  • Centa of da Web - Beyond Human Comprehension EP (1996) (Centrifugal Phorce Records)
  • Various Artists - Persecution of Hip Hop (1998) (Centrifugal Phorce Records)
  • Various Artists - Euphony (2001) (Centrifugal Phorce Records)


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