Australian Chamber of Commerce in Paraguay

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The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Paraguay (CPA) is a chamber of commerce based in Asunción, Paraguay.


The CPA was founded 14 September 2012 in the presence of 72 founding partners including Patricia Holmes (Australia's embassador to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay)[1] and direct descendants of Australia's 1893 migration to Paraguay (New Australia). The management was initially accompanied by Esteban Bedoya, a Business Manager and Diplomat of Paraguay's embassy in Canberra, Australia. The CPA also became a founding member of the Australia's P&O Maritime Services which is rented in Paraguay and represented businessman Ricardo Dos Santos.

Objectives of the CPA

Among the objectives laid guild bylaws can highlight the following points.

  • Fortalice bilateral relations between the two nations.
  • Develope South-South relations between the two countries.
  • Provide information regarding Grants-Swaps-Sports Activities to be performed in both Australia and Paraguay.
  • Invite, develope and promote tourism in all its edges.
  • Volunteers and Interns receive.


Fernando Figueredo Maricevich was the founder of the CPA and is the executive director.[1] The current president is Rodrigo Wood. Associated senator's include Anna Burke, Patrick Secker, Úrsula Stephens and Patricia Holmes (Australia's embassador to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay).[1] On 31 August 2013, former CPA president Daniel Hidalgo Carrera was involved in a fatal plane crash in Paraguay.[2][3][4][5][6][7] Yan Speranza is an alternative member.[8]

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