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B2B Pay is a Finnish[1] international payment's provider headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Their website states[2] that they are a "A virtual bank account is for businesses with customers in Europe". It was founded by New Zealander Neil Ambikar and Dutchman Kasper Souren.

How it works

According to CEO & co-founder Neil Ambikar[3], B2B Pay solves a major problem in the payment's industry: it simultaneously makes more economical and speeds up international money transfers. It does that by providing companies without a business presence in the EU with a virtual banking presence in the continent. By doing so, companies from all over the world can receive payments directly from their EU based clients without the need for complex SWIFT transfers saving companies up to 80% on international transactions.



  • Get In The Ring[4]
  • Accenture Innovation Awards[5]


  • BBVA Global Innovation[6]
  • BAI Global Innovation Awards[7]
  • EU Startups[8]
  • EXEC Berlin[9]


  • B2B Pay was accepted by the Barclays[10] Techstars[11] accelerator program in 2016.
  • B2B Pay partnered with Nordea bank[12][13] as part of their accelerator program.
  • Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, invested[14] on B2B Pay.


Virtual Bank Accounts for SMEs

This virtual bank account is linked to the business bank account at the person's home country. It has a IBAN number.

Virtual Banking Layer for Enterprise

If a company needs to have private access to virtual bank accounts, B2B Pay can provide API access via white label of its platform called the virtual banking layer.


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