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Backlog is a web-based proprietary project management software developed and maintained by Japanese software development company, Nulab Inc., headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan.[1] Backlog’s main features include issue tracking, wiki, version control, and WebDAV file-sharing.[2]

Backlog is written primarily in Java, Javascript, and Perl. The application runs on major web browsers namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox in both Windows and Mac operating systems.[3] Backlog has mainly been a SaaS-based project management tool.[4] In July 2007, the on-premises version of Backlog was made available in Japan in addition to the existing SaaS version.[5]

Product History

Backlog was first released in Japan in 2005 under the domain. In 2011, it was made available in English on its international domain, which currently also supports Japanese as well as both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.[6]

  • June 2005: Beta version released. Free plan made available.
  • July 2006: Official commercial release. Paid plans made available.
  • July 2007: On-premises version called “Package Edition” made available in Japan.
  • September 2007: Subversion version control system and WebDAV file-sharing capabilities added.
  • October 2008: Gantt Chart and Burn Down Chart features added.[7]
  • August 2009: Japanese feature phone version released.
  • September 2012: Git version control system added.

  • November 2011: was launched in English.
  • April 2013: Full support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.[8]


Backlog is integrated with web-based diagramming application, Cacoo, which is also developed by Nulab Inc.[9]

The main features of Backlog include:

  • Project management
  • Gantt chart
  • Burn down chart
  • WebDAV file-sharing
  • Wiki
  • Version control
  • Email notification


Companies using Backlog include Japan’s SoftBank, CyberAgent, Inc., ALC Press Inc., and HMV Japan.[10]

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