Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi

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Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi
Born 1987
Dubai, UAE
Occupation Middle East entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, innovator and athlete (Gripsport)
Years active 2004 – present

Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi is a Dubai based Middle East entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, innovator and athlete (Gripsport) from Dubai, co-founder of projects such as YaHalla,[1](the first ever smartphone production in Dubai), Viva City, Healthy Sports LLC.[2]


Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi spent few years of his early business career as a banker in Commercial Bank of Dubai. In 2009 he joins the family business - the Leader Group company[3]based in Dubai, (diversified corporate entity in Real Estate, Hospitality, Sports & Leisure, Basic Industrial Chemical Trading, Holdings, Commodities Trading, General Trading, Investments) as Director of Purchasing & IT sector of Leader Sport division. Subsequently, he fulfils various roles in the family business related to project management. Along with his father Samir Tayeb Alawadhi founded one of the biggest hotels in the country - Millennium Palace Barsha Heights which is a 4+ star hotel (5 star and dry, thus 4+) with over 900 plus rooms and suites to serve. He is currently building the world largest Sports Mall "Sports Society"[4][5] which already won the International Arabian Property Award in design.

“First Emirati Smart Phone” Creator

Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi, as the founder and creator of the “First Emirati Smart Phone” is an authority in U.A.E Tech world.[6][7] Founded by him first U.A.E tech company YaHalla Technologies manufactured the first ever smartphone that's purely designed and made in his home country. [8] Today YaHalla Technologies develops in the domain of SmartPhone Manufacturing, Tablets Manufacturing, LapTops & Desktop Manufacturing, Software Development, Drones Manufacturing, Experimenting on Zero Emission Power, Intelligent Robots Engineering. YaHalla Technologies won an award for Tech Innovation award at 2016 Enterprise Agility Awards.[9] In 2017 as marketing performance YaHalla smartphone was sent to outer space and brought back. Bader Samir Tayeb Al Awadhi was also awarded by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi. Bader was honored to present an exclusive YaHalla smartphone to him.[10]

Sports career and patronage

Since 2004, Bader has been an avid fan and contributor to strength sports, in particular the emerging discipline of Grip sports. He is a sponsor of sports associations and events, and has also attempted to set the Guinness World Record for nail bending speed.[11] His hobbies include playing polo, yachting and flying air crafts besides weightlifting, martial arts and Grip sports with the occasional Arm Wrestling. He also sparred with Royce Gracie the champion of UFC few times in Dubai. [[File:Bader Samir Tayeb Alawadhi sparring Royce Gracie UFC.png|thumb|Bader Samir Tayeb Alawadhi sparring with Royce Gracie the champion of UFC]] He also certified on Iron Mind Red Nail back in 2008.[12]


Bader S.T. Alawadhi and his family are a well-known philanthropist in their country and abroad like India and Africa.

Personal life

Bader S.T. Alawadhi was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in October 1987. He is married with two children: Mohammad and Maryam.



Bader S.T. Alawadhi has graduated from Al Ittihad Private School. He graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University in the Emirates in 2011. In 2019, he attended Harvard Business School and because of COVID-19 is expected to complete by late 2021.


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