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Original short description: "Tunisian singer"

Musical artist

Badria Essaied (Template:Lang-ar, born Template:Birth date in Essouassi Mahdia), is a singer from Tunisia and lives in Dubai. She was a contestant on Star Academy 7 and she reached the final half and became famous.[1][2]


Badria Essaied appeared in the seventh season of Star Academy (Arabia), where she had the golden opportunity to appear before the Arab world. She has earned the honor of singing with many artists from the Arab world.

She competed until the semi-final in fifth place with her program friends Nassif Zeitoun of Syria who won the title of Star Academy Arabia and Rahma Riad of Iraq in second place, Mohamed Ramadan of Jordan in third place and Rami Chemali from Lebanon ranked fourth. Oussama Rahbani praised her singing voice and rated Badria Essay as the most beautiful voice in Star Academy (Arabia) 7 seasons.[3]

Personal Life

Badria Essaied is married and has a child.[4][5] Badria celebrated her marriage away from the press, as she chose her big day away from the limelight and among the embrace of family and relatives.[6][7][8]



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  • 3al Day3a
  • Ana 3ene 3aleh
  • Jrahni Baad
  • Hayda Habebi


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  • 3al Day3a
  • Ana 3ene 3aleh
  • Jrahni Baad[9]
  • Hayda Habebi


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