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Barvas is an online Project Management tool, powered by MindGenius.

Barvas Project Management Tool Logo

Barvas provides guidance on the key practical steps to take in order to deliver projects successfully. It has a unique built-in mapping component that helps overcome the common planning issues, encouraging users to engage with stakeholders, gather their requirements and agree what is needed before focusing on the delivery stage.

Barvas becomes a complete project workspace for requirements, tasks, timelines, dashboards and social communications. It also keeps all the project information in one place and all stakeholders fully informed.

Plan for successful projects

To ensure that a project is planned and delivered successfully, there are four keys pillars, integral to Barvas, that support tackling customer challenges.


From defining the problem to delivering the solution, the Barvas product provides guidance each step of the way.


Projects break down into activities and tasks, which often require many people to co-ordinate their efforts to get things done. Barvas provides all the tools required to keep everyone updated and aware of their responsibilities.


Every project will present challenges, which will introduce the need for tough and firm decision making.

Barvas provides the capability for teams to have discussions around any project, topic to allow assessment of any proposed change to scope or priorities, and ensures the relevant people are informed and in agreement.


Projects get into trouble when there is a lack of transparency in relation to progress, scope and change.

With Barvas there is a unique project workspace - a one version of the truth portal that contains all the information that helped shape and define the project and an extensive dashboard set to provide definitive insight of progress with all aspects of delivery.


The team at MindGenius Ltd, have years of experience within the Project Management space thanks to their desktop product.

Most competitors project management solutions tend to ignore the first half of the journey and only focus on task management.

The MindGenius team understood improvements were necessary to allow the desktop product to become capable of handling the complete Project Management process. Consequently since November 2015, the MindGenius team have been developing their new product, Barvas.

Six Step Methodology

Barvas provides guidance on the six key practical steps to take in order to deliver successful projects.

Six Key Practical Steps to Project Management with Barvas

Step One

Understand Objectives; Ensure alignment with business goals.

Step Two

Gather Requirements; Engage with the correct people and capture requirements. A unique mapping tool allows the quick capture and grouping of information, making it easier to determine what is relevant and worthy of consideration.

Step Three

Agree Scope; Quickly classify requirements and analyse those from each classification viewpoint to help define the best use of the opportunity and scope a project to deliver real business benefit.

Step Four

Create the Plan; Each project breaks down into a list of activities and tasks. Quickly determine sequence, effort and duration and identify dependencies, milestones and critical path to best deliver the project.

Step Five

Deliver the Project; Breakdown Epics, plan Sprints/Workloads, assign resources and ensure that teams are working efficiently.

Step Six

Monitor and Review; A series of dashboards to provide everyone with a definitive insight on progress being made. Drill down on project status, anticipate problems and keep stakeholders and delivery teams informed as necessary. Assess the impact of changes to scope or priorities and ensure stakeholders are part of any decisions made that impact on either.


Barvas is currently in Beta, which means it's still in development. But it already supports a growing number of project management uses. Currently you can use Barvas for free, until it's commercialisation in October 2016.

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