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Bass Rebels is a UK-based independent electronic dance music label founded on popular streaming sites YouTube and Twitch. The channel was established 30 August 2012 by Daniel Evans (also known as Danny among his friends & fans and Invaders of Nine for his own releases), the current CEO, and released its first song 5 January 2013 by Daniel himself called Don't Go (D&B), with the first song not being associated with Daniel or Invaders of Nine being posted 17 September 2015. It is known for it's No Copyright Music it gathers from artists associated with the label: Should they be promptly promoted if used. The channel also uses music from NCS for its streams and releases.

The artists have the ability to switch to other labels or work independently if they wish due to it not being a locked contract with period releases on the label, allowing for freedom of movement. The label has already gained success and had its music featured on BBC Radio 1 and all the major UK radio stations along with TV plays on BT Sport TV and Channel 4. The label releases one song each day, and has a stream schedule of Wednesday & Sunday 7 pm UK Time (GMT/BST) on YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox accounts.


Bass Rebels was a concept first thought of when Daniel Evans was producing his own music under Invaders of Nine and doing work as a DJ around the UK at local nightclubs. He recalls in an interview with Dextrius, another YouTube user who was a member of PGUK Network which Danny also headed between 2015 and 2016 before YouTube shut it down due to the removal of sub-networks: "I was DJ-ing a lot around the UK and Bass Rebels actually started as an event in our local nightclub where we booked local DJs/producers to come play and after chatting backstage we decided to create a record label as a few of the artists we booked were producing music but had no way of getting it onto the download stores"

Daniel opened up Bass Rebels and released his own Invaders of Nine mixes to get it started on YouTube, uploading fellow artist's creations afterwards. The first songs released were different mixes of Don't Go from Jay Robinson, Switch Fusion and Mystery Shopper, along with the original release. This was shortly followed by another release from Invaders of Nine called Everybody on 16 September 2015, and then Leanne Han was showcased with her remix of Bring Me Down also by Invaders of Nine. 16 September and the consecutive days afterwards was the beginning as Bass Rebels today: With 4 releases and mixes on the first day, 2 on the next and another after a day break on the 19th, with songs being released regularly since.


Bass rebels had a stagnant first few years since founding due to Daniel becoming disinterested due to real life issues: most notably with his daughter who has Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS). Daniel wanted to give back to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital who had helped care for his family and daughter during her hardships, so he began work on his YouTube Gaming account Prism Gaming UK, turning it into charitable profit to return to those who helped him. He worked with his other close friends: Andrew Cairns (Andy), Robert Cairns (Rob) and Martin Halewood (Skin) who helped create and run this channel. Later down the line, Robert was (unofficially) replaced by Chris Moss (Known by his online alias as publicFunction).

Later, on 29 January 2014, Daniel Evans published the first video to the PGUK Network channel. This was a sub-network under Freedom which was centred on this donation to charity from profits, but also aimed to add flexibility for its partners who were not locked in. Members were directed to Bass Rebels, with music from Bass Rebels used in standard PGUK videos. This association to PGUK Network and Prism Gaming UK, along with Invaders of Nine being the poster producer: Bass Rebels suddenly gained a large growth in support and usage.

After the sub-network was closed down by YouTube, Daniel returned to Bass Rebels where he began to get more support from newer artists, and increased production of Invaders of Nine. While the channel was mostly barely running during the time of PGUK, the venture massively assisted in getting it off the ground.

Timeline of Signings and Events.


At the very start, it was only Invaders of Nine music and remixes thereof, but artists Jay Robinson, Switch Fusion and Mystery Shopper were featured.


Bass Rebels had no releases for this year. Everything during this time was in the association stage with PGUK.


Bass Rebels returned and began its current schedule on 16 September. Many artists began appearing on the channel, including: Leanne Han, Different Heaven, Discos Over, Distrion & Alex Scrindo, Jim Yosef and many more. The YouTube channel also broke 1,000 subscribers around December.


With the channel now having a clear goal, production and signings boosted. At this point, the channel gained a boost in views and subscribers breaking 10,000 in September, and then 20,000 by 31 December, entering a new year breaking a mile-stone and a notable curve in subscriptions became apparent, breaking the first 1,000,000 total view milestone. Daniel realised that Bass Rebels was truly becoming something else and turned all his effort to the label. Many of the more popular artists on the channel appeared in 2016, including: Arc North, Neptis, Dyalla and Kronical.


The channel has seen a huge upturn in subscribers. From beginning the year, the channel has doubled the count from 20,000 to 40,000 subscribers in 5 months, with total views tripling the December period at 3,000,000+ on the YouTube account, and breaking 100 likes within the first hour in each livestream became a goal.


Not all artists are official or signed with the label, but are a list of those appeared on the channel and are noted by Daniel Evans himself as working with Bass Rebels, despite being many more.

Artists Earlier 2015 2016 2017
Invaders of Nine
Jay Robinson
DJ Quads
Switch Fusion
Leanne Han
System Six


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