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Ben Eisenkop, better known by his pseudonym Unidan, is a doctoral candidate in biology at Binghamton University, who became popular on the social media website Reddit as the "excited biologist" who answers questions and explains concepts related to biology and ecology.[1][2][3]


Eisenkop earned his bachelor's degrees in biology and environmental science from Binghamton University in Vestal, New York, and is currently a doctoral student there. He works as a graduate instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, teaching courses in biology, ecology, and environmental science. His doctoral research is on ecosystem ecology; he studies how communally roosting crows in New York affect the environment. [2][4][5]

Eisenkop enjoys doing improv comedy, and has performed at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.[6]

Popularity on Reddit

Eisenkop, using the pseudonym Unidan, had been answering biology-related questions on Reddit for several years, when an Ask Me Anything ("AMA", a Q&A style event hosted on Reddit) he did in 2013 made it to the front page of Reddit. Thereafter, his popularity rose and he became one of the most recognizable Redditors (demonym of Reddit users). Eisenkop's popularity and visibility on Reddit garnered him many science education-related job offers, and he now works as a science writer for Mental Floss.[2][7]

On July 30, 2014, it was announced to the Reddit community that Eisenkop had been using five alternate (or "alt") accounts in addition to his well-known Unidan username to manipulate voting for his own posts and comments while also allowing him to cast additional votes against those posts he found disagreeable.[8] As this violates Reddit's site rules, Eisenkop's Unidan username was revoked and, following his own admission of guilt using his new username UnidanX, he claimed to have deleted all of the existing "alt" accounts he previously used for vote manipulation.[9][10]


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