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Benjamin Yu, or Ben Yu, is a Chinese-American entrepreneur. After dropping out of Harvard, Yu received an inaugural Thiel Fellowship in 2011[1]. He went on to found Sprayable[2], which created Sprayable Energy[3] and Sprayable Sleep[4]. Presently, Yu is CEO of Stream[5], a blockchain company with a stated mission of "making content creation profitable"[6]. He is known for having made over $400,000 from less than $10,000 in initial investment in cryptocurrencies.[7] Yu has also received significant media attention for his unconventional lifestyle, and lives in an RV in San Francisco despite his substantial net worth.[8] Yu has announced plans to write a book about his various life experiences and the many failures he has encountered along the way, from losing his cofounder and his wife on the same day to being abducted and mugged in Africa.[9]


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