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Musical artist

Benjie Bollox is a musician, songwriter, DJ & artist.


Benjie started playing in various bands in 1987 before forming The Abnormals in 1988 in which he was the vocalist. The Abnormals played a mix of covers and originals. They played for a year but were having trouble finding a steady drummer. Joe Blow, a friend of the band knew all the lyrics of the songs, so Benjie took over on drums and Joe joined as vocalist. With the line up change, the band decided to change the name of the band to Riot Squad. Riot Squad played from 1989 until 1990 releasing a self-titled cassette in 1990. In 1991, Benjie and some friends put together a band called The Vagrants in which he played drums. Benjie left after a short while, but the band continued and went on to become well known as Terminal Disgust.

In 1994, Joe Blow was putting together a rockabilly band and asked Benjie to join as the drummer. They called themselves the Black Cats. After a short while, they decided to put some distortion into the guitar and go back under the name Riot Squad again. They released an album called The Undying Breed in 1995. The band played many gigs, opening for bands such as Fear and The Business. Due to a conflict of interest in music, Benjie departed in 1995 and returned to London where he continued to DJ in various clubs.

In early 1996, Benjie and Charlie Harper from U.K. Subs joined forces and recorded some new tracks in London with Benjie on drums and backing vocals. It was at this studio where Charlie and Benjie wrote "Riot" together. "Riot" was initially released with some other new U.K. Subs tracks that they recorded and was released in Germany on the various artists CD titled British Punk Invasion II. Benjie worked with Charlie on and off until the spring of 1998. Between 1996 and 1998, Benjie was also the official coconut player for the legendary Splodgenessabounds.

In early 1998, Benjie Bollox met up with former Severed Heads member and former Riot Squad stand in guitarist Stephen Jones. Stephen, along with two other bandmates, Ted Uhlemann, and Jonathan "Bo" Byron, had recorded an album titled "Third World Puzzle Party EP" in 1997 under the band name Fallout. At Benjie and Stephen's meeting in early 1998, Fallout had recently been signed by Kathode Ray Music aka Mind Kontrol Records. Benjie was recruited sharing vocal duties with Stephen Jones. Johnny "Bastard" Beach also joined the band on drums replacing Bo Byron, who had left for personal reasons. The band name was officially changed to The Visitors. A majority of previously recorded tracks from the "Third World Puzzle Party EP" with the addition of a new track, a cover of the U.K. Subs song "Riot", featuring Benjie on vocals was released as their debut LP, Sniffing Glue under Mind Kontrol Records. The album featured a controversial cover that was designed for The Visitors by Tom Ellard of Severed Heads.

In the summer of 1998, Johnny "Bastard" Beach left the band to go back to school and was replaced by Jordan Zadwick on drums. Soon after, they released the limited edition Visitors Peas & Chips Please Twice on Noise Noise Noise Records. During this period, The Visitors attracted international acclaim and two tracks from Sniffing Glue charted Billboard. A furious schedule of shows became the norm. In 1999, The Visitors entered the studio once again and recorded and released singles for the songs "Mirror" and "Automaton".

After frustrations in regards to the direction of The Visitors stylistically, the band split. Benjie continued as The Visitors with original drummer Johnny Bastard, while Jones and the other members formed a new band, Red Martian.

The Visitors, released their fourth album, Thanks For Nothing on Noise Noise Noise Records in July 2001.

As The Visitors albums continued to sell, they were named one of the top 25 independent bands in the USA and shot to number one in Billboard's independent charts for a whole week. The Visitors received commercial media attention and radio airplay from New York, to Europe & Australia, but it was always the live gigs that the group was treasured for the most. The Visitors completed their USA "Visitour" in the autumn of 2002. Over the years, the Visitors toured with legendary UK punk bands U.K. Subs, The Vibrators & Vice Squad.

The Visitors were featured in the Jordan Sussman film The Anarchist Cookbook.[1] Benjie also played the role of a heroin addict in the film Upside Downtown,[2] and as himself in the documentaries DFW Punk and Charlie Harper, 20 Years of Chaos.

The Visitors last studio album, This is the End, clearly represented a calculated change in their musical direction. This album offered all the energy of punk, coupled with The Visitors own inimitable and diverse style. The Visitors went their separate ways in 2003 and Benjie returned to London where he occasionally writes songs for musicians.


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