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Template:Infobox YouTube personality Bianca Silva Alencar (born October 1, 1994) is a Brazilian actress, voice actress, singer-songwriter and dancer.[1] She is also a YouTuber, best known for her vlogs about her voice actress career.


She began her career as a singer at 4 years of age. Introducing herself for the first time in the contest of freshmen in the Programa Raul Gil.[2] At age five and a half, Bianca joined the program of Moacir Franco, Pequenos Brilhantes, where she stayed for one year, dancing and participating in paintings. Soon after, she went to do a test for the clothing brand Marisol, where she went and stayed about a year in the Domingo Legal program, doing branded merchandising (where she danced and showed the clothes).

She made a test for the ballet of Carla Perez where she entered,[3] participated in several programs with her like: Planeta Xuxa, A Turma do Didi, Superpop among several. At the age of 7, she participated in the contest Balão Mágico: Galera do Balão, in the Domingo Legal program, where she was chosen to be one of the members of the group.[4] She recorded a CD for Sony Music Records with re-recordings of the Balão Mágico hits "Superfantástico" with Kelly Key, "Tem Gato na Tuba" and "Amigos do Peito" with Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano.[5] The group also appeared in several television programs also participated in the special of the priest Marcelo Rossi exhibited on December 14, 2002 by the SBT,[6] the group also traveled around Brazil doing various shows. With another formation of the Balão Mágico stipulated Clubinho do Balão, she recorded her first CD, for the record label Caravelas where she stayed until she was 11 years old, titled Você Vai Gostar de Mim, who went on a tour around Brazil to divulge it, the group also recorded their first show for TV Gazeta which debuted on July 2, 2005.[7]

At the age of 11 She began doing various works in children's musical pieces and plays, such as the musical Barney and Strawberry Shortcake. At the same time, she was invited to a dubbing test where she was approved, her first character was Pinky Dinky Doo, from the cartoon of same name brodcasted in Brazil by Discovery Kids and TV Cultura.[8] From then on, she focused on her dubbing career where she continued uninterruptedly to this day. At age 18 Bianca decided to resume her career as an artist, it was when she participated in the Ídolos program at RecordTV, and she made it to the semifinal. After appearing on the show, she made some guest appearances as a singer. In 2016 was a decisive year in every way in his life and career. In December she composed her first song, from there to over 50 compositions and partnership with producer Rick Azevedo.[9] At the beginning of 2017, she decided to launch her YouTube channel, with covers of songs and talking about her characters, films, series and cartoons that she dubbed. On August 3 she released her first single titled "Lado a Lado".[10]



Year Song Ref.
2017 "Lado a Lado" [11]
"Side by Side" [12]
"Tudo Vai Mudar" [13]
2018 "Você Vai Conseguir" [14]


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