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Bidsketch is an online sales tool that helps companies and professionals to create, send, and sign custom client proposals with built-in analytics and electronic signatures.[1][2] The company provides its customers with software for sales document publishing and collaboration.[3][4] Bidsketch is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.[5][6]


Bidsketch was developed as a single person company in South Florida on November 2009 by Ruben Gamez.[7] He created an application which provides salespeople and small businesses the ability to close deals faster by gaining insight into their prospects' motivations and by allowing electronic signature acceptance.[8] Key benefits include time savings, reduced cost, increased efficiency, increased quality, regulatory compliance, accountability and transparency.[9][10] Gamez bootstrapped Bidsketch while working full-time as a software developer.[11][12]


Bidsketch offered as a turn-key solution in the form of a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service and requires no third-party components or installation on end-users’ computers.[13][14][15] Users need a web browser with internet access to manage their proposals on the go and stay in touch with current and prospective clients.[16][17][18][19]


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