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Musical artist

Dhari Al Dhulaei, better known as Big D (born July 13, 1987, in Salwa, Kuwait), is a rapper. Big D is a hip hop MC who performs live shows, and writes his own music.

Early life

Dhari has spent most of his life in Kuwait, spending some time in Bahrain studying computer engineering. He attended American School of Kuwait.

He was one of the pioneers of his generation at starting the Arabic hip-hop phenomenon in Kuwait. He started his rapping career as an Arabic artist but in later years transformed his image into an English rapper. At 13 in 2001 he was offered his first record deal, and made his first Arabic rap album that collaborated with many young and upcoming artists like himself. He signed a contract[1][2][3] with respected music producer Yacoub Al-Mohana, Yacoub has worked with artists such as Rashed Al-Majed, Unfortunately Dhari's fate did not turn out as expected. Dhari was forced into breaking the contract with the recording company and continuing on his music career path waiting for the next opportunity to prove himself as an Arabic/English rapper. Another record deal[4][5] came his way in 2008 with "Smile TV"[6] who have worked with artists such as Massari, but this did not go through as Big D had planned as well, and continues to remain underground.


Big D is currently remaining underground making music videos and writing songs to reach a new fan base.[7][8][9][10][11] Big D also collaborated with Young Noble,[12][13] which is an American rapper. Best known for being part of Tupac Shakur's rap group Outlawz.[14] Big D has appeared in Al-Watan TV,[15][16][17] "Kuwait-Music", which is the largest network for music, bands, shows and events in Kuwait, Big D also appeared on Arab Times News,[18] He also performed Live Tours and Shows such as "The Kuwait Underground Tour"[19][20] which was dedicated to the American Military Troops in Kuwait at, Camp Arifjan, and in Rotana Hotels with guest appearance of DJ Smallz, Southern Smoke![21] His music is also a way of spreading awareness on Arab issues to the outside world from a different perspective, Big D has spoken of topics such as the Palestinian conflict, the Gulf War, degradation of Islam, the Illuminati, Free Masonry, poverty, Al-Qaeda, U.S. President Barack Obama, Injustice in the black market, Zionism, abuse of human rights, corrupted Systems, The truth about terrorism. He explains "Freedom ain’t Free", the good and bad in America, Syria, Egypt, he mainly speaks of the most conflicts occurring all over the middle east and other current events in his music. Big D continues to write, record, and perform live shows. He has independently recorded his music in major studios in Kuwait such as "Al-Nazaer",[22] "Romco",[23] and "Awtar".[24] Big D has not promoted himself as much as other rappers, and does not intend to use his rap skills in order to gain fame, he is a strong believer of the phrase rap is a Talent, "Not a fame tool" perhaps he meant writing lyrics is a gift, to be able to write lyrics and music that people can relate and listen to is much more sufficient then being famous. Big D is proud to be underground and he believes rap is a art where each lyricist can use their freedom of speech for a real purpose, when asked, he said "Most rappers use Hip Hop for promotional benefits, Hip Hop is not all about the "Fame".


Live Performance in Camp Arifjan

Independent releases

  • Divine Genesis (2013) [25]
  • Once Upon A Time (2010)
  • No Game No Pain (2008)
  • The 60 Minute Tornado (2001)

Divine Genesis (album)

Track List

  1. Divine Genesis
  2. King Of Arabia
  3. Matrix
  4. Spaceship
  5. Kangsta
  6. My Way
  7. Omar
  8. Silence Kills
  9. Second Chance featuring Young Noble
  10. Genocide
  11. Cursed Ink
  12. Peace & Harmony
  13. Protect Us From Evil
  14. Relavant Existance Template:Sic
  15. Rage Of A Poet
  16. When I Die
  17. Real MC
  18. No Turning Back
  19. Leave Me Broken

Music Videos

  • 2013: "Morning"
  • 2013: "Killah"
  • 2013: "No More Sorrow"
  • 2013: "Open My Eyes"
  • 2013: "Youth Is Running Out"
  • 2013: "Matrix"
  • 2013: "Rage Of A Poet"
  • 2013: "Cursed Ink"
  • 2013: "My Way"
  • 2012: "Kuwait Hip Hop Cypher Vol. 1 and 2"
  • 2012: "Relevant Existence"
  • 2012: "When I Die"
  • 2012: "Real MC"
  • 2012: "No Turning Back"
  • 2012: "Peace & Harmony"


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