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Big V - the Great!

Big V - the Great! and other members of ITW
Born Vanilo Mucuhu
Vaal Tringle, Gauteng, South Africa
Occupation Hip-Hop Artist, Entrepreneur
Years active 2008-Present
Organization Disconneq Musik
Style Altenative, Avant-Garde, Electronic, Experimental

Vanilo, better known by his stage-name Big V – the Great! is a South African Hip-Hop recording artist, poet, songwriter and business person from the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng. Until 2012, Big V – the Great! was exclusively known as a stage poet even though he officially started out as a rapper, this due to him halting his rapping early-on to explore poetry because he found to be very open "it was awesome that I had no constraints to be on beat, have a rhyming scheme, I could say whatever I wanted to say however haphazard and it would work! The other major issue was that I felt that my writing, expression and presentation had to improve, them poetry cats were mad versatile and I wanted that!"

It was late 2012 that Big V – the Great! recorded his first ever song, the many few little things, although an amateur recording this song went to earn him a reputation and a following in the South African underground scene. He then re-recorded the song, and officially released it as a single in 2013, which gained him international following and spread on to influence more recordings and the making of his debut album Late Submission. In that very year, he and three other guys, Ant-1, Aquaknok and Dust Wizard agreed to form Immaculate Type-Writers. Dust Wizard was then discarded for disappearing on the guys to bring in Vertical X as the group's main instrumentalist. The group's first official release, Padded Room Expressionism, gained them a following from all over the world, later then followed by 2 more singles The Ritual Cypher and Destination Art. The group hasn’t released anything since 2015 and they are still together.

His name is actually written with a hyphen in the middle and exclamation mark at the end, but many publications have trouble with that so they simply write Big V The Great! or Big V - the Great.


Acknowledged and respected for his lyrical articulation, Big V – the Great!'s style is a fresh, elusive and overwhelmingly intricate play of wording and pacing, which in every respect relates to him being an evolutionary expressive poet "I really love double edging my verses, I think it's nice that you get two possible conclusions from what you hear upon the first meet. You find meaning in one line, then the picture changes or enlarges when you get the whole phrase and then by the end you get that there's more inside than what is on the surface, like Russian dolls. I also love to leave keys all over the place when I’m doing what other people call abstract, this way you always get lost in the right direction."

Dynamic, versatile, poetic and very unorthodox, his style hard to place in one bracket because he constantly skips the expectation to define a new standard. He loves working on Jazz influenced beats and adventurous experiments, this complemented by his favourite instrumentalist and friend Vertical X. Being a master of throwing curves, most of his works have a tendency of being sublime yet in your face. He writes mostly about social matters, the ironies, the good and bad in life and everything in relation to himself.

Debut album

On the 23rd of August 2016 V released his debut album Late Submission under Disconneq Musik, the music brand of his media company Disconneq Interllek. The album was meant to be released on the 2nd week of February, that didn’t happen because, as he says, he was broke and held up at his job. He states that being with Immaculate Type-Writers actually delayed the inevitable making of Late Submission because the guys had decided to release an album earlier on, the plan was that ITW would release a debut in 2014, this didn’t happen and in 2015 V opted to focus on his own project. The album came to be titled Late Submission simply because he had been putting it off for a while, delaying on the accumulating expectations coming from his followers.

Late Submission is a 14 track LP, including remakes of The Many Few, Marry your thoughts and Tales of a Folk, and he says that the song deserved it because they started everything. The album is an adventurous experiment, sounding completely different and following no influence nor likeness to any prior South African Hip-Hop release.

He has confirmed that he is working on his second album titled Wrong Qlass in an interview, "I’m not entirely sure where the project is headed, I’m just going with the feel of things and currently it is very dark and gloomy, I would really love to brighten things a bit but we’ll see…"


When V is not on-stage or in the studio he running his company Disconneq Interllek "I came to realize that I can’t work for anyone in the accounting class I was attending, while I was in university" V was a Chartered Accounting student at the North West University Vaal Triangle Campus, then a Financial Accounting student at UNISA. He, however, never completed any of the courses, cutting his studies to solely focus on being an artist. Being an artist exclusively is expensive, not having representation meant no real gigs nor exposure opportunities, and no label was making an offer "the only option for me was figure out a way to turn passion into work, and now I fully that passion and work have one meaning"

Disconneq Interllek, a multi-media company which works with music, film & photo, creative writing and concept work was founded in 2015. The company is run by him and his partner Oscar Mthi who oversees all the graphic art done by the company for its clients.A few months after founding his company he found a post in a marketing company, he went to work for that company because he had never experienced the working environment and wanted to learn the functions of a business first hand, the only thing he knew was how to trade 2nd hand electronics. Six weeks in the job he received a company award and 2 promotions, and then 3 months later he left the company to get back to his company.


Singles as part of Immaculate Type-Writers

  • Ritual Cypher(Unofficial)
  • Padded Room Expressionism
  • The Ritual Cypher
  • Destination Art

Singles as self

  • The many few little things
  • I wanna marry your thoughts
  • The Pledge


  • Late Submission

Pending Projects

  • Wrong Qlass
  • Immaculate Type-Writers’ album yet to be titled

Other Work

  • Head of Arts Movement Sanaa Athari
  • Compiler of Pride of the Scorned – an interactive poetry journal (not yet released)
  • Engineer on Final Escape – instrumental album by Vertical X

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