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Bird Barrier America is a producer of pest deterrent products used to deter birds from landing, roosting, or nesting near human habitats. The company sells multiple different products, including the first electrical shock pest preventative system to deter birds:[1] Bird-Shock. Other products include Bird-Flite Spikes, to prevent birds from landing on ledges; Daddi Long Legs spikes, to prevent birds from landing on boats, streetlights, and other similar objects; StealthNet, which is created out of polyethylene twine for invisibility; and others.[2] Spikes are made of either steel or polycarbonate.[3]

The company was founded in 1993 in Carson, California[1] by company President and pest deterrent inventor Cameron Riddell.[4] Its products are endorsed by animal safety organizations such as Humane Society and the Fund for Animals for the humane nature in which the products deter pest birds.[2] Of the Bird Barrier systems, the Humane Society advises that "Where the ... problem is serious, strips that give mild electric shocks work better than wires" in terms of the safety of deterrent systems to the birds themselves.[5] PETA has also published that Bird Barrier products are a humane method of deterring pest birds.[6] Bird Barrier America products have been written about in pest bird manuals such as Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California's Bird Hazing Manual.[7]


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