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Boltblue is an online social media and mobile content provider headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Registered users can access services through the web and their mobile telephones, allowing them to consume music, messaging, video games, and microblogging services across multiple devices.[1]

The Company has more than 14 million unique users of its service in more than 60 countries. Boltblue's primary markets are the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company maintains offices in London and Sydney. The Company was started in January 2000 and rapidly thereafter became a leading website in the UK.[2] The company raised €12 million from VC and angel investors.[3]

The company has received numerous awards, including the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 awarded for being the UK's 13th fastest growing technology company[4] and the 40th most influential new media company according to the Media Momentum awards.[5]


The Company was founded by Michael Brown when he saw the market potential for SMS while working for Nortel Networks and left in January 2000 to found Boltblue with Michelle Tsang, a former CSFB banker.[6] Brown's vision was formulated on the premise that SMS messaging would change the way that people interact with each other and be a critical enabler for delivery of new person-to-person communication and application-to-person information services that were location-aware.

The company became well known,[7] attracting more than 9 million customers by 2005, coming the UK's second most popular telecom site behind BT Group's[2] By 2009, boltblue reach 13 million users.

Initial marketing efforts involved getting the message out that mobile telephones could be used for obtain information and entertainment services while people where not sitting in front of a computer. The company sent a hundred unemployed actors into public areas like Liverpool Street Station in London to demonstrate how its services worked.

Founding vision

In the UK during 1999, short message service (SMS) became available for the first time across mobile network providers allowing mobile phone users to message each other.[8] This is a key enabler for Boltblue's vision of an inteconnected world of services, people and applications.

The company undertook a number of activities such as conducting the first mobile voting poll, which involved messages more than 1 million British mobile phone users for the UK's general election in 2001. The company's efforts were supported by, amongst other prominent leaders, Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats.[9]

Push for Regulatory Change

Research and Development

In 2005, 2006, and 2011, Boltblue ranked in the top UK companies investing in research and development.[10][11][12]

Boltblue's technology and knowhow disclosed in a patent filing for "Address defined session management over stateless communications channels"[13] has been utilised and built upon by others, including: RIM, Nortel Networks, IBM, Yahoo! and others.

Internet Service Provider

In 2001, Boltblue provided a home to 90,000 residential and business ISP customers orphaned by NTL, after NTL's acquisition of them from Cable & Wireless Communications in 2001.[14] NTL was unable or unwilling to provide services to these customers because they were not serviced by NTL's cabled infrastructure.[15]

Boltblue grew its broadband ISP business by competing on speed and service quality and was frequently in the Top 10 UK broadband providers ranked by speed and customer service.[16]

The company divested the bulk of the ISP business in 2007.

International Expansion

In early 2003, Boltblue's rapid growth was causing technology problems with its website. During the summer of 2003, the company rewrote its entire technology platform and incorporated support for internationalisation. Boltblue began expanding internationally. The first such new territory was the United States.[17] With its new platform providing to be robust, the company expanded further by launching in Australia in 2004, and Ireland in 2005, and Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands in 2006.

In 2010, 68% of revenues were from outside the UK.

Products and Services

Boltblue offerings its services directly to customers' mobile telephone and through dedicated portals for consumer and business.

Consumer Services

Consumer services include MP3, ringtones, phone logos, colour wallpaper, picture messaging, greeting cards, gaming, phone alerts, videos, messaging, micro-bloggin, online dating, and news and sports coverage. Boltblue offers a catalogue of more than 50,000 items available for download.

Business Services

Boltblue offers three business product lines. Business offering includes:

  • Advertising;
  • Messaging Services; and
  • Third-party Content Platform Services.

The company provides mobile messages services through its corporate messaging platform for business and governmental services like the NHS.[18] Other high-profile customers of the Boltblue Business Services includes Global Crossing and various police forces within England and Wales.

Past Advertising Partners include: O2, Vodafone, Three, McDonalds, United International Pictures, Levi's, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Tommy Hilfiger, Royal Mail, 20th Century Fox, and Procter & Gamble.

Awards and Recognition

  • The company was named UK's 13th fastest growing technology company in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 in 2004.[4]
  • Named the 40th most influential new media company according to the Media Momentum 50 awards.[5]
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing's Marketing Excellence award for Effectiveness, jointly with Apple iMac and EasyJet.[19]
  • UK's Top 3 Entertainment Websites; Hitwise Top UK Sites.[7]
  • Boltblue named Top 50 Advertising media sites in the UK.[20]
  • Hitwise names Boltblue Top 10 UK Telecom site by monthly visits.[21]

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