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Bombo Sports & Entertainment is a film production company based in Manhattan that specializes in sports documentaries for film and television. Founded in 1999, built a reputation[no citations needed here] for focusing on the human aspect of sport in their documentaries.

Bombo has since devised the self-appointed "Bombo Formula", which can be described as following the season of a specific sports team through the eyes and lives of their fans. Certain recurring motifs include the "living room fan", where the viewer watches a game from the vantage point of said fan's living room on a Sunday afternoon, and the "sports bar fan", which usually involves a fan moving from his hometown to a new city and opening a sports bar dedicated to his beloved team, forming a small, but loyal, expatriate community. In Still We Believe for example, a bar loyal to the Boston Red Sox, but existing in Santa Monica, CA, is a recurring "character" throughout the season. Bombo's mixture of this "fly-on-the-wall" home footage with actual sports video of the players and games constitutes their "house style". The editing is generally in keeping with the Russian school of montage, juxtaposing images of sports plays with fan reactions to create an emotion that may or may not have existed in the source footage. Theme songs are generally chosen for their lyrical rather than musical strengths, though in some cases, Bombo documentaries have actually "broken" popular acts into mainstream culture[no citations needed here].

Selected list of Bombo films and documentaries

  • Manchester United: Beyond the Promised Land (2000) 85 minutes
  • King of the Jungle (2001) (feature film)
  • Real McCoy (2001) 1 hour
  • Keane: As I See It (2002) 75 minutes
  • Liverpool FC: No Heart as Big (2002) 79 minutes
  • Sweet Chariot: England's ride to the top of the rugby world (2003)
  • Founded 2003: Birth of a Tradition (2003)
  • Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie (2004)
  • Brave in the Attempt (2004)
  • A Cut Above - 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball (2005)
  • E-A-G-L-E-S! The Movie (2005) 90 minutes
  • New England Hockey: A Life at the Rink (2006)
  • Ride of Their Lives 1 hour
  • The First Time: Wigan Athletic In The Premiership (2006) 1 hour
  • Blue Revolution (2007)

Television documentaries

  • A Season in Shaq's House (CBS) 1 hour
  • Between the Madness (1998) (FOX) 2 Hours
  • Pete & Andre's Guerilla Tennis (2000) (CBS) 30 minutes
  • The Competition (2001) 1 hour
  • The Seeds of Victory (2005) (ESPN)
  • Shaquille O' Neal: Holding Court (2005) (A&E)

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