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Template:In-universe Template:Infobox soap character Brooke Penelope Davis is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Sophia Bush. Initially introduced as the best friend of the show's original female lead, Peyton Sawyer, throughout her experiences, Brooke grows from a wild and generally carefree girl into a more mature and grounded young woman. Along with Peyton, she becomes a key player in the series' central love triangle involving Lucas Scott. In later seasons, however, her character arc shifts its attention to her career as a fashion designer at Clothes Over Bros, as well as her romance and eventual marriage to Julian Baker, with whom she would have twin sons, Davis and Jude Baker.

Character development


Brooke Penelope Davis Baker was born at New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis, Jr. and Victoria Anne Davis (née Montgomery) on March 4, 1989.[1] She has been Tree Hill's it-girl and has been described as the wealthy and popular captain of the cheerleading squad of Tree Hill High.[2] The lack of authority in her life caused Brooke's high school years to be full of parties, drinking, and promiscuity.[3] She shares a close bond with first-love Lucas Scott, and has also formed many close friendships. Peyton Sawyer is her best friend since the age of eight; she is also friends with former roommates Haley James and Rachel Gatina, Haley's husband Nathan Scott, Mouth McFadden, and former assistant Millicent Huxtable.


Karen Roe, Lucas's mother, was Brooke's only mother figure growing up after she temporarily moved in with her when her parents left Tree Hill.[4] Throughout her development, Brooke grows to become more independent and mature, partly due to her relationship with Lucas. Although the two initially broke up due to a love triangle involving Peyton, Brooke later forgave both of them,[5] remaining close with the two. Upon reaching adulthood, Brooke becomes a successful fashion designer for her own company.

Brooke's relationships with her mother and foster daughter are shown to play a significant role in her character development. In the fifth and sixth seasons, her long-estranged mother Victoria returns, but remains cold and detached.[6] Eventually, Brooke is motivated to become a good mother herself, which prompts her to take in a teenage foster child named Samantha. Though Sam is initially resistant, the two eventually bond as Brooke proves herself to be a dedicated parent. Sam later leaves Brooke to live with her biological mother.[7] Later on in the series, Brooke becomes a biological mother, giving birth to twin boys Davis and Jude Baker.

Character arc


Season 1

In season one, Brooke Davis is introduced as the captain of the Tree Hill High School cheerleaders. She takes a liking to Lucas Scott when he joins the school's basketball team, attempting to pursue him in her usual, sexual advances. Lucas, however, is only interested in her best friend, Peyton Sawyer, and constantly turns down Brooke's advances. After a drug incident involving Peyton, Lucas comes to realize that Brooke is actually a very loyal and caring person, eventually developing feelings and entering into a relationship with her. When Lucas realizes he still has feelings for Peyton, he and Peyton begin a non-sexual affair behind Brooke's back.

Lucas breaks up with Brooke, but Peyton decides to end their secret romance because she feels guilty and doesn't want to harm her relationship with her best friend. When Brooke finds out what really happened, however, she ends her friendship with Peyton and refuses to speak to her or to Lucas. During this time, Brooke experiences a pregnancy scare, eventually learning that her results were actually negative; however, in the heat of an argument with Lucas, she lies to him and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. When she comes clean about the truth, Brooke explains that she wanted to punish Lucas for cheating on her with Peyton. After uniting against Nicki (Jake Jagielski's ex-girlfriend), Brooke and Peyton agree to a truce and slowly begin to rebuild their friendship.

Season 2

At the start of the second season, Brooke is forced to grow up when her father loses his job, thus forcing the Davis family to sell their belongings and temporarily become destitute. Still hurt over the way things ended with Lucas, she begins relations with her neighbor, Felix Taggaro, who becomes a "friend with benefits." Later, things become strained between Brooke and Mouth when he tells her that he is in love with her, despite the fact that Brooke thinks of him as a "little brother." Meanwhile, she begins dating Felix after he promises to not break her heart as Lucas did.

During this time, Brooke decides to run for Tree Hill's student body president against students who are much more studious, hard-working, and experienced. Even in the face of the dirty political campaign of her rival, Erica Marsh, she doesn't back down and ends up winning the student election after Mouth delivers a touching recommendation speech to a packed auditorium for her. After the election, Brooke quickly repairs her friendship with Mouth and even befriends her defeated rival, Erica.

Toward the middle of the season, Brooke learns that her father was able to secure a new job and that her family is moving to California as a result. However, she is thrilled when she finds out that Lucas has convinced Brooke's parents to let her live with Karen until the summer, where she will be staying in Lucas' room as he is living with Dan. Meanwhile, Brooke discovers that it was Felix who spray-painted the word "DYKE" on Peyton's locker and immediately breaks up with him. After ending things with Felix, sexual tension begins to arise between Brooke and Lucas; however, after finding letters Lucas wrote to Peyton, Brooke believes that Lucas is still pining over Peyton and ultimately decides to just be friends with him. In the season finale, as Brooke is preparing to leave for the summer, Lucas kisses her and finally confesses how he really feels. Stunned and shattered all at the same time, Brooke leaves and is seen sitting in the taxi in tears in the episode's final moments.

Season 3

The season three premiere opens with Brooke returning from her summer vacation in California. Afraid of having her heart broken again, Brooke only agrees to date Lucas non-exclusively; at the same time, she pretends to have spent her summer with a number of other guys, though it is later revealed that she actually spent her summer writing eighty-two letters to Lucas, one letter for each day, which she never sent. During their "non-exclusive" arrangement, however, Lucas refuses to date anybody else in an effort to prove his loyalty to Brooke.

At the fantasy boy draft, Brooke chooses Chris Keller instead of Lucas as a way to get back at Rachel, thus causing Lucas to become angry with her. After finding out that her designs are displayed in the store's windows, Brooke gets drunk and sleeps with Chris, with Lucas walking in on them and leaving heartbroken. In an effort to distract herself from Lucas and to mend her aching heart, Brooke launches her own clothing line, Clothes Over Bro's. Later, Brooke finally gives Lucas the letters she wrote to him whilst on vacation, resulting in him forgiving her; the two subsequently confess their feelings for one another and enter into an exclusive relationship.

When Karen becomes engaged to Keith, Brooke offers to design her wedding dress but, after Keith's death in the school shooting, Brooke attempts to help Lucas and Karen pick up the pieces of their lives. In the meantime, Brooke agrees to help Haley and Nathan in organizing their second wedding, becoming Haley's maid of honor and the designer of her wedding dress. However, when Peyton reveals to Brooke that she has feelings for Lucas, again, at Nathan and Haley's rehearsal dinner, Brooke becomes furious at her and promptly ends her friendship with a teary-eyed Peyton. At the actual wedding, things only become worse when Lucas, thinking Brooke was already aware of the situation, accidentally lets it slip that Peyton kissed him during the school shooting. Clearly upset, Brooke and Lucas argue in private, with Brooke telling him that he never "let her all the way in."

As their love triangle begins to reassert itself, Brooke decides that she needs time to herself and breaks things off with Lucas, though she admits that she will always love him. With her friendship with Peyton now over, Brooke is invited to move in with Rachel. In the season finale, it is revealed that someone at Nathan and Haley's wedding is pregnant, with the evidence largely pointing toward Brooke.

Season 4

With the news of Brooke's "pregnancy" spreading around campus, the fourth season begins with pro-life advocates, calling themselves Clean Teens, pressuring Brooke to not terminate her pregnancy. However, it is soon revealed that Brooke has really been covering for her friend Haley. In an effort to get Brooke back into the dating pool, Rachel sets her up via an online dating site with a male model, Nick, under the guise of a female model named "Peyton." The plan goes awry when it is revealed that Nick is also the new English teacher at Tree Hill High; however, the two continue their relationship in secret. When Rachel catches wind of the affair, she informs Brooke that Nick hit on her. As a result, Brooke confronts him, but he denies the whole thing and her friendship with Rachel becomes strained. Upon learning that Rachel was telling the truth and that Nick is cheating on her with one of her own models, Brooke dumps him and reconciles with Rachel.

Around this time, Brooke realizes that she still is in love with Lucas; asking Lucas to be her date to the annual sports banquet, Brooke later tells him that it was a mistake and he heads home, with the two of them deciding to just remain friends. After Tree Hill's victory in the state championship, Brooke encourages Lucas to go with Peyton. When Brooke is failing her calculus course, Rachel pretends to need Haley's tutoring so that they can steal the answers to an upcoming calculus exam, but Haley refuses. Taking matters into their own hands, Brooke and Rachel break into the high school but are caught by Principal Turner; to serve as their alibi, the two join Clean Teens.

During her time in Clean Teens, Brooke meets Chase Adams, a newcomer to Tree Hill High and to whom Brooke becomes attracted. Initially asking Brooke to be his calculus tutor, Chase asks her out on a date. After their first date together, Brooke decides that she can't start a relationship with lies at its foundations and thus, during a class assignment, reveals to Chase that she cheated on her calculus test and had only joined Clean Teens as a means of attaining an alibi. With Brooke stating that she thinks she isn't pretty enough or talented enough for him, Chase tells her that she is good enough, and all she needs to do is to stop lying and just be herself. The two subsequently kiss and make up, beginning a new and truthful relationship. The following week, Brooke and Chase attend a party at Nathan's house, but things go south when a tape, titled "Nathan Scores" and which shows Brooke and Nathan having a drunk one-night stand two years prior, is played at the party. As a result of seeing the tape, Peyton punches Brooke, as Peyton was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Nathan at the time it was filmed. Chase, in the meantime, decides to call things off with Brooke but, with prom quickly approaching, tells her that he'll still be her date. Brooke, however, tells him that she doesn't want to go to prom with someone who doesn't want to be with her, and the two go their separate ways.

Peyton becomes infuriated at the fact that Brooke completely cut her out of her life for being upfront and honest about her feelings for Lucas, when Peyton feels that Brooke was never honest with her. With more underlying issues resurfacing between Brooke and Peyton, the two former best friends enter into an intense rivalry, with Peyton going so far as taking a black light marker and writing "WHORE" on Brooke's prom dress. After talking to Mouth, Brooke comes to feel that it means that Peyton still feels to that. Upon hearing that Peyton is not attending their senior prom, she leaves the prom and heads to Peyton's house in hopes of a reconciliation. However, unanounced to anyone, Peyton is being held hostage in her own house by Ian (otherwise known as "Psycho Derek"). Making her way to Peyton's basement, Ian had knocked Brooke out and planned to slit her throat to show Peyton just how much he truly loves her. In an effort to free themselves, Peyton convinces him to let her do it, but stabs Ian instead. Untied, Peyton runs upstairs with Ian right behind her. Brooke, meanwhile, is able to untie herself and the two stand together against their attacker. With Ian unconscious, they are able to call the police and have Ian arrested.

With "Psycho Derek" or otherwise known as Ian, ordeal behind them, Brooke and Peyton rekindle their friendship and go to prom together. This is where Brooke is elected Prom Queen. Brooke and Chase subsequently reconcile and get back together; the two have sex at their graduation party before Brooke and Lucas share a special moment together as he confides in her about his book. With the birth of Nathan and Haley's son, James Lucas Scott, Brooke is named the newborn's godmother. In the season's final moments, Brooke and Peyton prepare to spend their summer in Los Angeles and join the rest of the gang at the River Court.

Missing years

Two and half years later, Brooke and Chase have seemingly gone their separate ways. Brooke, now an up-and-coming fashion designer with Clothes Over Bro's, meets up with Lucas in New York to have drinks with him; showing her his engagement ring for Peyton, Lucas informs Brooke that Peyton turned down his proposal, much to the shock of an unbelieving Brooke. When she tries on the ring, everyone around them believes that they have become engaged, receiving free drinks and even a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. When they arrive at his hotel room, Lucas kisses her in a drunken stupor; despite possessing feelings for him, Brooke pulls away from him as he is still in love with Peyton.

Leaving Lucas with some words of wisdom, Brooke tells him to concentrate on getting his novel published and tells him that they probably won't see each other for a while. Returning home, Victoria confronts her about her "engagement" to Lucas. After clearing the air, Brooke tells her mother, "And Lucas Scott was the one boy I might have lost it for." Brooke then agrees to her mother's offer to expand the clothing line, wishing to get lost in work in an effort to cure her broken heart from Lucas.

Season 5

Four years after high school and having become a multimillion-dollar household name, Brooke Davis now runs her own clothing line, magazine, and fashion channel. Becoming fed up with her life as a celebrity, Brooke decides to return to Tree Hill after a distraught phone call from her old best friend, Peyton Sawyer.[8] Upon her return, she becomes a "fill-in nanny" for her godson, Jamie Scott, and buys the abandoned Karen's Café to refurbish into a C/B clothing store in order to run her fashion line from her hometown.[9] Eager to settle back in Tree Hill, Brooke spontaneously buys a house (furniture and all) and invites Peyton to live with her. However, the CEO of her company, who also turns out to be her mother Victoria, is not happy about Brooke's choice to stay in Tree Hill and makes an unexpected visit to her house to take Brooke back to New York.[10]

Brooke and Victoria "bond" over the store opening, but she is oblivious that Victoria is running around insulting all of her friends. The store's opening is both a social success and a commercial failure, leading her mother to tear her down.[11] She then reaches the breaking point after her mother attacks Peyton and rejects her daughterly love confession, beginning to rule her company her way and refusing to consider Victoria her mother any longer.[12] Brooke considers dating Owen, a bartender, and sets Mouth up on a blind date with Milicent. She also tells Peyton to go after Lucas because they are meant to be[13] and comforts her after she finds out he proposed to Lindsey. She uses her naked-in-the-back-of-the-car trick on Owen and successfully gets his attention but then refuses to sleep with him.[14] Brooke then slowly becomes friends with Lindsey but after they get stuck in the library with Haley, Peyton and Mia, Peyton tells her that she's her best friend and will always be, stopping the awkwardness.[15] She travels to New York with Owen after she challenges him since he thinks she does nothing for her job. She shows him a space she bought to expand and they find Rachel, overdosed on drugs. Feeling guilty for firing her earlier, Brooke takes Rachel back to Tree Hill with her so she can live in Brooke's big house with her and Peyton.[16] She attends Lucas and Lindsey's joint bachelor/bachelorette party with Owen, who brings along a surprise guest Chase, whom she had unknowingly set Peyton up with. She finally fires Victoria from the company after she scares Rachel off for monetary purposes.[17] She tells Peyton and Lucas that she came back to Tree Hill to have a baby, because there was a void in her heart only having a family could fill.[18] Due to this decision Brooke gets interviewed by a woman from an adoption agency who Brooke finds out has spoken to Victoria. Because of her young age, busy life and party past, Brooke is turned down. Owen then immediately ends his potential relationship with Brooke, after finding out she wants a baby, calling her selfish.[19] However, she gets to have a baby, as she gains momentary custody of Angie who is there to get her heart operated on[20] and finds it immediately challenging, but finds comfort and help in the form of Peyton and Lucas[21] Brooke is terrified and distraught over the possibility of Angie not making it through her surgery, but Angie comes out perfectly and everything in Brooke's world calms down.[22] She then has to return Angie early making her distraught but strengthening her friendship with Lucas. In the season finale, Lucas calls someone asking that someone if she wants to get married at Las Vegas—the someone could be Lindsey, Peyton or Brooke.[23][24]

Season 6

Brooke is taunted by her mother by saying she will take over the company but Brooke has a new clothing line in sketches she is presenting to the board. Victoria demands her to give her the sketches to which Brooke says no. Brooke is assaulted and badly beaten by a masked assailant at the end of the season six premiere.[25] Not wanting to go to the authorities to report the assault and attract bad publicity, Brooke instead turns to Deb in hopes of keeping it a secret and learning to shoot a gun. Nathan visits Brooke at her home to tell her he will be there for her if she needs him because she's always been there for his family. Nathan realizes he and Brooke are alike in many ways so he can relate to her problems. Brooke attends Quentin Field's funeral to support Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Skills and Jamie with their loss. As Jamie places Q's cape over his casket, Brooke breaks down for the first time since her attack. Jamie comforts her by holding her hand. Brooke regrets the lack of family in her life but after a talk with Haley and Jamie realizes she has everything she needs. She travels to New York to confront Victoria over the attack, who firmly denies any involvement. Brooke then gives up ownership of Clothes Over Bros to Victoria.[26] Brooke bonds with Sam and eventually becomes her foster mother. Brooke also reveals to Peyton the truth about her attack.[27] Owen returns to Tree Hill and attempts to win Brooke back, but they are slow to reconnect romantically. When they eventually discuss the issue, Brooke states that she's not ready for a relationship since she wants to focus on her new foster daughter, Sam, for a while. Afterwards, they part on friendly terms.[28] Brooke receives a phone call from Patricia, the woman from the adoption agency who interviewed her last season, leaving Brooke a message that there is a newborn that Brooke can adopt. When Brooke calls Patricia back, Brooke mentions that she's fostering Sam, and Patricia tells her that could cause complications in the adoption.[29]

Following the dream episode written by Chad Michael Murray,[30] Brooke is approached by Julian to design the costumes for Lucas' movie, which she initially declines, but decides to think about it. Brooke briefly clashed with Sam over a boy named Jack spent the night. She later reveals to Sam that she was attacked. As Jack and Sam begin talking about Brooke, they talk about how Sam once said that Brooke needed to be "put in her place". A smitten Jack listened to Sam, and had someone attack Brooke for Sam's pleasure. Sam realizes this and gets the stolen sketches back, and when she shows them to Brooke, Brooke begins breaking down and seeing this, Sam leaves again. Brooke begins searching for Sam and gets into a fight with Owen along the way. She goes to the cafe Sam frequents and bumps into Julian, who walks out. The waitress tells Brooke that Julian inquired about Sam, and she begins considering him as a decent guy (possibly romantically). At the conclusion of the episode, a heartbroken Sam gets into a car with Jack and his brother, and it is revealed that Jack's brother was actually the one who attacked Brooke. It is also revealed that this is the same guy who murdered Quentin.[31] Brooke Goes in search for Sam with Peyton by her side. After searching all over Tree Hill and finding little help from a police officer (due to Sam not being missing long enough), she realizes Sam must be at her friend Jack Daniels' house, and gets the address from Haley. She tells Peyton she wants to confront Sam alone because they have a lot to talk about, and goes to Jack's house by herself. She doesn't find Jack or Sam there, but she does meet with Jack's older brother, X, who has Sam bound and gagged in a closet. X denies knowing where Sam is, and he talks in a sexually suggestive manner to Brooke, who thinks he is weird but is unfazed. As Brooke walks down the sidewalk after the visit, he says "Have a nice night" which is the same line her attacker uttered as she lay bleeding on the floor of her store after the attack. Brooke realizes that X is the one who beat her, and that he must have Sam. She bangs on the door and when he opens it, she sprays mace in his face and beats him until he's incapacitated, then rushes through the house looking for Sam. As she finds her, Sam begs her to leave, but Brooke refuses. She starts to undo the tape binding her, but X sneaks up behind Brooke and drags her away as Sam screams. X tries to strangle Brooke, but she spits in his face and knocks him away. Brooke runs, but X chases her and knocks her to the floor. The pair struggle and X indicates that he is going to kill Brooke and enjoy it and that she is just a weak little rich girl. But Brooke finds her purse, grabs her gun and stands with it pointed at X's head, telling him the rich little girl is going to stay awhile as Julian and Jack rush into the house and Sam breaks free of the last of the tape. Brooke cocks the gun, tells Rex she hates him and that she isn't the same girl that he attacked, and is about to shoot him, but Sam begs her not to, calling Brooke "Mom" and saying she needs her. Brooke knocks her attacker unconscious with the gun instead and kicks him over, telling him to "Have a nice night." After the police arrive, they find Quentin's wallet and Brooke realizes X is Q's murderer and cries on Julian's shoulder.[32]

Peyton tells Brooke about her pregnancy, and Brooke is thrilled, even though it was Brooke who wanted a family the most. Meanwhile, after agreeing to do the costumes for Lucas' movie, Brooke invites Julian over. Sam makes fun of Brooke by saying that it's a date, while Brooke insists it's simply a business meeting. Sam then says "his man junk's got a meeting with your lady business." After which Brooke calls Sam Samantha in a very Mom-like fashion. After a long night of drinking and conversation about their parents, Julian and Brooke realize they are alike in many ways. At the end of the episode, the two begin making out.[33] Peyton catches the drift that Brooke and Julian are starting a romantic relationship and warns Brooke that after she broke up with him, he slept with an A-list actress after his movie premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Later, Peyton receives a visit from Julian's dad, with whom Peyton seems to have a great relationship with, and he tells her that Julian not only did not have sex with a famous actress after Sundance, but did not even go to his own movie premiere because he was so depressed after their breakup. Peyton tells this to Brooke, and Brooke decides that Julian is worth the trouble, and Brooke and Julian officially start a romantic relationship.[34] Brooke sleeps with Julian and later tells Peyton, who yet again reassures her that it's not violating "girl code" since they shared three guys already: 'sex tape' (Nathan), Lucas, and now Julian. Brooke meets the girl playing her in Lucas' movie, Missy, and Missy basically stalks Brooke trying to imitate her every move, even going so far as doing Brooke's "signature move" of stripping down in Brooke's backseat. Brooke and Julian are really happy together until she finds out Missy is always implying Brooke is a slut because she was told that Brooke's major role in high school was sex. Brooke confronts Julian and tells him "High School Brooke graduated", then temporarily breaks up with him. He then shows her a re-created manuscript in which it now reads a long list of Brooke's character traits that she has now, and this appears to mend their relationship.[35]

Brooke storms out of her room and into the bathroom yelling at Julian for "something inappropriate that he did". It turns out he told her that he loves her, and she struggles with telling him she loves him back. Brooke repeatedly tells him that she cares very deeply for him, but she's not in love with him yet because it's too soon. Julian decides to call it a "deleted scene" so they can start fresh.[36] Brooke goes to the police station and bails out Sam after she is caught shoplifting, and yells at her, calling her "unfixable". Sam thinks this is because of a fight she is having with Julian since Brooke is ignoring all his phone calls. During another argument between the two, Julian calls and Sam grabs Brooke's phone and answers it, then gives it to Brooke, and Julian tells her the movie has been shut down and he is returning to Los Angeles. He comes and says goodbye to her, and yet again tells her he loves her before leaving. She apologizes to Sam after Julian tells her the shoplifting was only to protect Jack, and to make it up to her, Brooke finds Jack and allows him to spend the night.[37] Thinking that Julian left for L.A. the night before, she is confused when he comes to see her in her store. She soon finds out he is leaving that night, but it's not goodbye because he has two tickets for her and Sam to come with him. She spends the episode wrestling with her decision since she has many factors to consider such as moving Sam around, her store, being Peyton's maid of honor, knowing him for only one month, etc. In the end she does go to the airport, but to tell him she's not coming. They share one final kiss and Julian then boards a plane back home.[38] Victoria returns to Tree Hill and attempts to lure Brooke back to Clothes Over Bros after the company goes under. Victoria guilts her into it by telling her if she doesn't return, hundreds of employees will be out of work, and this hits a soft spot in Brooke and she returns to the company with a 51/49% split between her and Victoria, and Brooke says that Victoria still doesn't have a daughter. She also goes to the hospital after Peyton's accident and Lucas tells her about Peyton's condition, and she passes the news on to Haley. Sam also yells at her for locking her heart and letting Julian go.[39] She finds it hard to have Victoria around again, especially since she is getting very close to Sam, which makes Brooke jealous because she believes Victoria is trying to be to Sam what she never was to Brooke. She reaches her breaking point when she finds out Victoria has been hiding and shredding letters addressed to Sam from her birth mother. She shows Sam the letters, and gives her blessing for Sam to get to know her real mother, although, in actuality, it hurts Brooke to see this.[40] A month after Sam meets her mother, she continues to speak with her and she gets to know her well. Seeing she may be losing Sam, Brooke draws up adoption papers. However, she and Sam eventually agree that it would be best for Sam to live with her birth mom, which leads to an emotional parting between the two in Victoria's presence.[41]

On the day of Lucas and Peyton's wedding, Brooke puts the finishing touches on Peyton's wedding dress and they have an emotional conversation about how Peyton wants Brooke to be there for Lucas and the baby in case she doesn't make it through the dangerous delivery. Lucas surprises her by telling her that he has invited Julian to the wedding to be her date, but Julian reveals he already has a date - Missy, the girl that was to play Brooke in Lucas' shut-down movie. In retaliation, Brooke gets Nick Lachey to be her date. Throughout the night Brooke and Julian use their respective partners to make each other jealous, but at the end of the night, Brooke and Julian are left alone and Brooke tells him she misses him and can't deal with seeing him again, and she leaves. He goes to the store to find her but runs into Victoria, and he tells her off about the way she belittles Brooke and then says that he loves her and isn't giving up.[42] Brooke returns to the store after Lucas and Peyton's wedding reception and asks Victoria if there were any messages, and she replies "no" without telling her what Julian said. She shows up at the hospital when Peyton has her emergency surgery. Four days later, Peyton is in a coma and Brooke has not left the hospital, and she is the second one to find out when Peyton wakes up (after Lucas). She says goodbye to Julian, who has been staying with her for moral support after Peyton goes into a coma. The next day she visits Peyton and baby Sawyer, and Peyton tells Brooke that she and Lucas have made Sawyer's middle name Brooke in honor of her best friend. Victoria later tells her to go to L.A. and tell Julian she loves him because Victoria once let a boy go and has never forgiven herself, and she also tries to give Brooke full control of the company after realizing she loved the company more than Brooke and she shouldn't have because Brooke is her daughter and she loves her. After an emotional bonding between the two, Brooke asks Victoria to stay on as her partner, and takes her advice by going to see Julian on his movie set in L.A. and finally telling him she loves him, and the two kiss, officially putting their future together back on track.[43]

Season 7

Brooke and Julian have been happily together in the 14 months between Seasons 6 and 7, although they have spent much of the time apart. Brooke and Julian are having a romantic date at the beach when he tells her that he is leaving to produce a movie in New Zealand and will be gone for eight months, and she encourages him to do it even though she is clearly heartbroken. A few moments earlier, she wrote "Marry Me" in the sand but she never told Julian once she knew about his new movie. She attends Jamie's 7th birthday party and once again writes him a check for a large sum of money. After the party, Julian and Brooke go to the beach where he tells her that he turned the movie down to be with her, and he officially moves in. Brooke hires Alex Dupre as a model for COB after seeing her acting skills and beauty in a movie. But when Millicent picks her up and brings her to the store, she is not what Brooke expected and they begin coming up with ways to get rid of her. Alex overhears them, and when she comes out of the dressing room wearing Brooke's dress, she plays Brooke into changing her mind, unaware that the speech Alex gave to win Brooke over was actually a line from the movie Brooke watched Alex in. Alex begins taking an immediate interest in Julian. Julian begins working on a movie with Alex, until Victoria notices her crush on him and informs Brooke. After Alex tells Brooke she stripped naked for Julian Brooke fires her and tells Julian to sleep on the couch.

On a girls night with Haley, she assures Brooke that Julian loves her and he's not going anywhere. Brooke has a pregnancy scare and wants to tell Julian but he left to see Alex as he fears she will begin using drugs again, and she doesn't get the chance to. Rachel returns to Tree Hill for a vacation and tries to apologize to Brooke for stealing money from her by giving her a cheque with interest, but Brooke slaps her and tells her to stay away. When she gets home to find that Julian is still with Alex, she cries in front of her bathroom mirror and says to herself "Why can't you be the one who gets the baby and the boy?" before throwing her birth control pills in the garbage. However, it is revealed that the doctor not only told Brooke she isn't pregnant, but that she can never get pregnant. She tells this to Julian who feels guilty he wasn't there.. She also battles with Millicent after she demands to be paid $500,000 for being the face of Clothes Over Bros (which she has become after Alex got fired), which hurts Brooke after all she's done for Millie and how ungrateful she's being despite of that. She tells Victoria about her problems with Millicent and how those problems are because of Alex's influence, and Victoria says she will "take care of Alex". Brooke is furious when Julian confides Alex that she can't have kids and that he wants kids. After talking with Victoria about the situation, Victoria helps her realize that Julian might not be the one for her, and she asks Julian to take another movie because she wants time to be alone with herself before she can trust him again. Julian calls her after he finds Alex in her bathtub after slitting her wrists, and she goes to the hospital to support her now estranged boyfriend. After finding out about Millicent's actions Brooke fires her and tells her to get help.

Brooke and Julian spend 6 weeks apart when Brooke goes on a business trip with Alexander to start her men's line, which she has officially named Clothes 4 Bros. She returns from her trip and runs into Julian at the airport, only to see that he's waiting for Alex. Julian comes to see her and they yet again fight about Alex, and when they fight again at Haley's concert. Julian tells Brooke he can't do it anymore and breaks up with her, leaving her heartbroken since she's still in love with him. She agrees to be the fashion designer for Julian and Alex's film. On the movie set, which is built to look like Lucas' house, she watches a set crew member paint Lucas' bedroom door brown, making her think of "the girl behind the red door" Brooke begins thinking about her relationship with Julian, and decides she wants to try to make things better, so she sweet-talks the hotel concierge into giving her Julian's room key, but when she enters the room, she finds Alex naked in Julian's bed, and hears a man in the shower, but when she sees Julian's sweater hanging from the bedpost. Believing Julian and Alex slept together, she punches Alex in the face on set the next day and gets banned from the set by Julian only to find out she actually slept with Alexander.. Once she realizes what a huge mistake she made, she apologizes to Julian and tells him the reason she's been acting so crazy is that she's still in love with him and misses him, and the two kiss and make up. They attend the funeral of Haley's mom together, Julian moves back in later that night, and they have a romantic evening alone. She attends Quinn's gallery opening and Julian tells her about Alex and Josh's sextape, and Brooke tells Julian he should help Alex through it, which surprises him considering her jealous history with Alex. Julian shows Brooke his finished movie, and despite him thinking it's bad, Brooke tells him she loved it, and encourages him to enter it in a film festival he's been too nervous to do. Victoria tells Brooke her she is returning to New York City and Alexander is coming with her to run Brooke's men's line, Clothes 4 Bros. As Victoria is about to leave, the two share a very emotional goodbye and Victoria tells Brooke how much she loves and how proud of her she is. Brooke the rest of the gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian's movie. After the premiere Julian proposes to Brooke on a walk through the snow.

Season 8

The season starts with Brooke and Julian engaged and happier than ever. The two talk about the future and how Brooke can't have kids, so Julian proposes they spend all day in bed trying anyway. Haley comes over to tell Brooke about her pregnancy but catches Brooke and Julian in a compromising position. Shortly after Haley leaves, the police come to the door and arrest Brooke, and she is charged with a number of money-related crimes regarding Clothes Over Bros. Knowing she had nothing to do with this, a furious Brooke is released from jail and has Julian bring her to her store to meet with Victoria and Millicent, whom Julian had fly to Tree Hill from New York to deal with this, and the two of them eventually reveal that they lied about how much money the company makes to their investors to better support the launch of Clothes 4 Bros and not involving Brooke in this decision in fear of her overruling it. Brooke watches as the company immediately goes under and her store gets shut down, its inventory then completely cleaned out. After a conversation with Millie asking her how she could have allowed and helped Victoria to do this, she seeks comfort in Julian and tells him everything's gone, but he reminds her she still has him, and always will. After meeting with the company lawyer to hear what they are being charged with and the consequences, she finds out about Quinn and Clay's shooting from Haley and goes to the hospital for support while Julian goes to pick up Jamie from the park. She offers moral support for Nathan and Haley, and she tells them about her legal troubles. She later asks Victoria if she was ever proud of her, saying that if she was, she never would have lied to make the company sound better than it actually is, and Victoria tells her she lied because she believes in Brooke and knew she could make miracles happen no matter what would happen, and Brooke tells Julian it's her fault that this happened because she empowered them to do this in her absence. Brooke meets with Victoria and she tells Brooke that her and the lawyers have come up with a way for Brooke to keep the company, but won't tell Brooke specifically what that entails. Brooke and Julian take Jamie for the day while Nathan and Haley are at the hospital with Clay and Quinn and they play baseball at the park with him, and he sleeps over as well, telling them they will make great parents someday. Brooke gets a visit from Millicent and she is told that Victoria's plan to have Brooke keep the company is Victoria going to prison to take the blame, and after Brooke tries to stop her and tells her she doesn't want her to go, Victoria says she has to do it because it is her fault. Brooke drops her off at the prison and watches as her mother goes in, sad that things had to end this way. Brooke visits her mom in prison and is surprised that Victoria's doing her job from behind bars, but after one of her investors comes to her store and tells her that thanks to their lies he lost all the money for his daughter's college education, she decides to sell her company to pay back all of her investors, but when she's told this would only return 70% of their lost money, she tells the attorney to liquidate all of her personal fortune as well, giving away everything she's got to help make things right. After Victoria finds out Brooke has sold the company that Victoria worked so hard to build and even went to prison to protect, she's furious with her daughter and calls her stupid, telling her she never wants to speak to her again and for her to not come visit her at the prison anymore. After Julian and Haley help her realize it is Victoria's own fault she's behind bars and she's the reason Brooke was forced to sell, she goes back to the prison and tells Victoria off, saying everything she's ever done was only done to make her proud, and regardless of whether or not Victoria's okay with Brooke selling the company, she tells her mother she will never have the opportunity to talk to Brooke as meanly and rudely as she did the day before, and says she won't be back to visit. She holds a press conference later that night, and promises her investors they will have all of their money back, then tells the press she looks forward to what comes next in her life.

The morning of Halloween, a woman knocks on Brooke's door saying "trick or treat", and after Brooke insults her for being too old to be a trick or treater, she is shocked to find the woman is actually Julian's mom, Sylvia Baker, who's come a few weeks before the wedding, telling them that she will pay for their entire wedding to give them the wedding they've always dreamed about. However, Brooke soon comes to find out that Sylvia is very opinionated and does not like Brooke's tastes, wants, and desires for her wedding, arguing with Brooke on almost every topic, from the bridesmaids dresses to the food to the photographer, and even Brooke's desire to design her own wedding dress. Once her company has officially been sold and she's no longer affiliated with Clothes Over Bros, she takes out her frustrations on Sylvia by saying she doesn't want her money or her input for the wedding and wants to do it her way with her budget, causing a rift between the two, though they later patch this up after Julian tells Brooke that Sylvia's only been acting how she has been acting because she is threatened by Brooke, since Sylvia was always the closest person in Julian's life before Brooke came along. After ruining most of the dishes she tries to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, she attends a large gathering at Nathan and Haley's for the holiday, where she's reunited with a fresh-out-of-prison Victoria, which Brooke is not pleased about at all, nor is she pleased that Victoria and Sylvia seem to be getting along great and bonding throughout the dinner. She later comes to find out that Sylvia was the one who found out about Victoria's release and invited her to dinner hoping that her and Brooke could fix things, but only did so to make Brooke happy, so Brooke tells her future mother-in-law that Julian is the man that he is because of Sylvia's influence and that's all the happiness she needs. After having a bad daydream of her wedding going horribly wrong due to how poor she's become and how bad it will be as a result, she realizes she has no inspiration whatsoever to continue re-planning her wedding now that she can no longer have the wedding of her dreams. While going through some old boxes looking for something to inspire her, she and Julian find the list of things Brooke always wanted to try but never did, which Millie created for her back in Season 6 and includes things such as skydiving, watching every James Bond movie, getting drunk at Octoberfest, learning to speak French, and more, so Julian helps her do almost everything on the list, and afterwards, he promises her that no matter what happens he will make sure that she will get to experience the final item left on her list, which is having a baby. As a huge storm is ripping through Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian argue over him suggesting they move to Los Angeles now that she no longer has her job in Tree Hill, which was one of her main reasons for staying. She accuses him of wanting her to lose her company so that they could move, and blows off steam by going for a drive despite the bad storm. Julian calls her and tells her to come home, and when she says she can't see the road well, he says he will come get her and she tells him where she is, but the call is then cut off when Brooke hits the brakes to avoid hitting someone standing in the middle of the road, which turns out to be Jamie's friend Chuck. She runs out of the car and asks him what happened, and he says there was an accident and points to a flipped SUV on the side of the bridge. She runs over to the car and finds Jamie, Madison, and Lauren, who's still unconscious. As Chuck and Madison wait in Brooke's car, Brooke helps Lauren out of the wreckage and tries to free Jamie as well, who's pinned down by his seatbelt. When Brooke realizes Chuck has a concussion and is having a hard time staying awake, she tells Lauren to use her car and take the kids to the hospital while she tries to free Jamie. Eventually Julian finds them, but right after he arrives, a speeding car dodges a downed powerline in the middle of the road and hits the back of the SUV, causing it to fall over the bridge and into the water with Brooke and Jamie still inside. Julian dives into the water and finds that now not only is Jamie trapped, but Brooke's leg is stuck underneath the steering wheel. Julian tells them the car is not sinking as the wheels are touching the bottom of the river, and the mood calms slightly until the levy breaks and water comes rushing into the car, and Julian is forced to save Jamie first while Brooke is still stuck inside, since Brooke tells him Jamie is just a child and needs help before she does. After getting Jamie out of the car and up to the road, Julian jumps back into the water and finds Brooke struggling to stay above the water, and by the time he frees her, she has lost consciousness and it seems as though she's drowned. He carries her up to the road and begins performing CPR on her, but she does not respond and he breaks down into tears thinking his fiancé has died. However, Brooke's hand twitches and after a few more rounds of CPR she regains consciousness and coughs up water, and the ambulance arrives shortly after to take her to the hospital. After a bachelorette party thrown by Haley in which Brooke, Millie, Quinn, Alex, and Sylvia get extremely drunk and wake up not remembering the night before, the girls run around town with clues they find piecing together the events that took place. Brooke loses her engagement ring, and is also shocked to hear from a waitress that she kissed someone during their drunken outing, only to later find out that the guy she kissed was Julian, who came to the bar they were at to see her, and he also took her engagement ring so that she wouldn't lose it while drunk. After finding out that Sawyer is sick and Peyton will not be attending her wedding, she asks Haley to be her maid of honor. Brooke and Julian's wedding occurs in the following episode, with Victoria walking Brooke down the aisle after her father does not show up to the wedding, and Julian finally becomes Brooke's husband. Now that they are married, Brooke finds herself bored now that she no longer has a wedding to plan and Julian is off directing a commercial, so she comes up with the idea for her, Haley, and Quinn to dress up like superheroes and help people in need that Haley finds through the crisis center she works for. The three "heroes" help a young girl who's being bullied by three high school mean girls.

She spends all of Valentine's Day playing sexual role-playing games with Julian, and at the end of the night, he tells her that they should start looking into adopting a child, which Brooke is ecstatic about. The couple goes to an adoption agency and are interviewed by a 19-year-old mother-to-be named Chloe Hall, who's giving her baby up for adoption. Brooke makes her and Julian seem like the perfect couple, and Chloe believes this until she goes to Brooke's house to speak with her and walks into Haley's baby shower, where she hears a little more than she bargained for, such as Victoria's prison time and Brooke losing her company. Despite all of this, she ultimately decides to give her baby to Brooke and Julian when it's born. Chloe informs them that the baby will be coming sooner than expected, causing Brooke to begin trying to get the baby's room together. Chloe talks to Brooke as she's painting the room and tells her about the baby's father and why she chose to give the baby up for adoption, and soon after she leaves to go home, they get a call from the hospital that Chloe has gone into labor and the baby is coming tonight. Brooke and Julian rush to the hospital to be with Chloe for the delivery of their new baby, during which time Chloe says that she would probably be a great mother, she just doesn't want to raise the baby alone. However, Brooke and Julian are shocked when Chloe's boyfriend Eric, the father of her baby, shows up at the hospital and Chloe ends up deciding to keep the baby now that she can raise the little girl with her boyfriend, not alone, leaving Brooke crushed, especially because Chloe had a little baby girl, which is exactly what Brooke wanted. While dealing with the emotional aftermath of the adoption falling through, she receives a job offer from Clothes Over Bros to move to New York and return to the company to design. She discusses this with Victoria, who thinks it's a great idea that she should not turn down, and after Julian tells her he thinks it's a great idea as well, she decides to take the job. However, she later decides to turn down the job after she finds out shockingly enough that she's pregnant, which she finds out after Chase asks Alex to take a drug test for him as he's trying to enter the Air Force but smoked weed during the Kid Cudi show and could not take it, and when he gets a call from the lab saying the person who gave the sample is pregnant, he tells Alex she's pregnant as he thought she took the test but it is revealed that Alex wouldn't have been able to pass the test either as she ate pot brownies that Quinn made so she went to ask Julian to take the test but Brooke took it instead, meaning the person pregnant isn't Alex but actually Brooke. Quinn gets a photoshoot offer for B. Davis magazine to shoot a model in Puerto Rico and she invites Alex, Brooke, and Lauren to go with her. During the trip, Brooke tries to hide her pregnancy from Quinn and Lauren (with Alex already knowing about it because of the drug test) as she and Julian decided they didn't want to tell anybody as it's too early, but Quinn eventually figures it out when Brooke makes it obvious by not eating sushi and throwing all of her alcohol shots over her shoulder to avoid drinking them. When she returns to Tree Hill, she finds that Haley has decided to turn Brooke's former store back into Karen's Cafe now that she's moving to New York, causing Brooke to finally tell Haley that she turned down the job and is staying in Tree Hill because she's pregnant, and instead offers to be Haley's partner so they can open the cafe together.

In the season finale, several flash-forwards over the course of one year show Brooke at various stages throughout her pregnancy. Brooke and Haley officially re-open Karen's Cafe as business partners, and right around this time (approximately four months into her pregnancy), she finds out she's actually carrying twins. Three months later, she falls down as she is trying to get a bag of flour off of a high shelf at the cafe and her babies are delivered prematurely, although another flash-forward shows that her twin boys, Davis and Jude, are perfectly fine and healthy, and Brooke and Julian finally have the family they've always wanted.

Season 9

In Season 9, Haley and Brooke have reopened Karen's Cafe. Brooke and Julian are shown to be very tired as Davis and Jude do not sleep much. For their christening, Brooke has Haley be godmother and asks her father to be godfather. Victoria, who is now very close to Brooke and the twins, is unhappy about this and tries to convince Brooke that Ted, her father, will never be there for Brooke or the boys. She is almost proved to be true when they are waiting in the church for Ted, but he shows up at the last minute and is made godfather to Davis and Jude. Brooke, having pitched an idea to Victoria for a new clothing line (Baker Man) but after Victoria rejected it, asks her father about it, wanting to spend more time with him. Ted agrees, but it soon becomes clear that all Ted is more interested in the clothing line than spending quality time with his daughter and grandsons. Julian has opened his own sound stage, and after getting very stressed out about it he leaves baby Davis in the car and Davis is rushed to hospital. Although Davis is fine, Brooke is initially very angry with Julian, but after talking to Haley, tells him she forgives him. Julian does not forgive himself so easily, punishing himself even by getting himself beaten up, and Brooke tries to help him. A rival cafe has opened across from Karen's Cafe, called Tree Hill Cafe, and the owner Tara plays dirty tricks to win customers, including planting cockroaches and hanging a sign that says Karen's Cafe hires murderers (from when Dan helped out Haley when she was short-staffed). After Tara sends a note that says 'Fry your burgers, not your babies!' referring to Julian and Davis's accident, Brooke smashes up Tree Hill Cafe.

When Xavier, Brooke's attacker and Quentin Fields' killer, is released from prison despite Brooke speaking at his parole hearing, he asks Brooke for a job and eats at the cafe. When Julian warns him off, he gets a job at Tree Hill Cafe. After much taunting of Brooke, he attacks her in a car park. He nearly kills her with a knife, but Tara tasers him, saving Brooke. Brooke recovers from her horrific encounter with Xavier and moves past it. Tree Hill is hosting the annual burning boat festival and it brings up old memories for Brooke. She wishes her family could have just sat together and been a family. Brooke goes to a hotel to discuss Baker Man with her mom and finds her father is there. She leaves the room in a hurry disgusted by seeing her parents had slept together. Her parents realize they have made lots of mistake and confront her. They tell her they want to start fresh and be a family. They all watch the burning boat festival together as a family when Brooke decided to give them yet another chance to prove her wrong. Her family officially launches Baker Boys online, and then Brooke buys the Tree Hill Cafe across from Karen's Cafe to open a store. She tells Haley that the corner will be their little corner of the world. Julian surprises Brooke with the house that she grew up in. He tells her a real family deserves to live there and she will always continue to be the girl behind the red door. Brooke, Julian and their boys end up living a happy life in Tree Hill where they frequently go to Ravens Basketball games to cheer on her godson, Jamie Scott.

Clothes Over Bros

The initial Clothes Over Bros line features styles from casual to dressy. It was an immediate hit with her customers, selling past their expectations on the website. She was later put in the difficult position of choosing between showcasing her designs at a New York fashion show and starting her career, or leading her Tree Hill cheerleaders to their final competition. In the end, Brooke chose the latter, once she realized that she was not yet ready to enter the fast-paced world of fashion and was more than happy to finish off her senior year with her friends. During an interview with the school's counselor, Brooke voices her intentions of studying fashion design after high school. Clothes Over Bros continues to be recognized in season four, with Brooke's designs appearing in local fashion shows. When Brooke is involved in a cheating scandal, she's forced to keep from turning herself in to administration in order to maintain an offer to sell her clothing line by Victoria's Secret. She eventually does turn herself in to the principal, but does not get into trouble.

In season five, Clothes Over Bros has become a full-blown fashion company headed by Brooke Davis herself, but with the business side carried out by her mother, Victoria. The Clothes Over Bros dynasty consists of B. Davis Magazine and a high-end couture line. The Clothes Over Bros logo (C|B) is incorporated on Peyton's drawing of a heart on fire. The label's name itself is based on the saying between Brooke and Peyton, "hoes over bros," and was first tagged in a conversation between Haley and Brooke. Brooke admits that she started her company "Clothes Over Bros" to deal with her broken heart after her breakup with Lucas. When she moves back to Tree Hill, she opens a C/B store at Karen's Cafe. In season six, Brooke signs her company over to her mother, Victoria, after thinking Victoria had her attacked and robbed (it was later revealed to be Jack's brother).[44] Her store remains empty for the majority of the season. In "I Would For You", Victoria returns telling Brooke the company is going under and if she doesn't return, hundreds will lose their jobs, and she reluctantly returns to the company. Victoria later signs the company back over to Brooke realizing her daughter is more important.[45]

She hires an actress, Alex Dupre, to be the new face of Clothes Over Bros, and after Millicent stands in for a model during a fashion show Brooke puts together at TRIC, she asks her to be a model as well. Currently, Victoria is President of the company with Millicent as Vice President. Brooke is still the owner but runs her small store in Tree Hill.[46]

Clothes 4 Bros

Also, she comes up with the idea to begin making clothes for men, which Brooke is thinking of calling "Clothes For Bros". She later hires Millicent to be the other face of the company after she wows the crowd during a fashion show at TRIC. She eventually fires both of them after Alex constantly flirts with Julian and causes strain to their relationship, and Millicent begins taking diet pills and doing cocaine, and also for stealing a dress from the store.Millicent is later hired back by Victoria after getting on a DUI charge because Victoria called the police. Brooke begins working with a man Victoria hired named Alexander to develop a brand new men's line, "Clothes FOR Bros". Alexander is the president of Clothes Over Bros but reports to Victoria.

Legal troubles

At the beginning of season eight, Brooke is arrested and charged with various monetary crimes which she had nothing to do with. She later finds out that Victoria and Millicent lied to C/B investors behind her back, reporting a higher company revenue in order to increase their chances of having the men's line picked up and funded. As a result of these crimes, the company goes under, Brooke's store is shut down, and there is the possibility of jailtime for whomever is responsible. Victoria and Millicent work closely with the company lawyers to ensure Brooke keeps the company, and eventually an agreement is proposed which would allow Brooke to keep the company in exchange for a fine and Victoria serving prison time. Victoria agrees despite Brooke asking her not to. After an investor confronts her personally and tells her he lost all the money for his daughter's college education after investing it in her company, she decides to sell the company, as well as liquidate her own funds, to pay back all of her investors 100% of the money they lost investing in the clothing line. She soon signs away all of her ownership rights to the company.

Brooke gets an offer to move back to New York and return to the company later in the season in Episode 8.19, but declines after finding out she's pregnant and wants to stay in Tree Hill to raise her baby, later finding out she's actually pregnant with twins, whom she names Davis Nathan Baker and Jude Andrew Baker, giving birth to them in the season finale.

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