COVID-19 pandemic in Guayana Esequiba

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The first cases of the global COVID-19 pandemic in Guayana Esequiba began on April 8, 2020. To date there are 28 confirmed cases and 1 deceased. The area is a region controlled by Guyana and claimed by Venezuela, despite that, the Venezuelan government did not include the number of infected in its national list.[1][2]



On April 8, 2020, the Government of Guyana reported that in the western area of ​​the country regarding COVID-19 infections, there is one case in Barima-Waini, four in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara and seven in Cuyuní-Mazaruní. The The Guyanese government also notified that several people at the national level were quarantined for possible infections, two in Pomerón-Supenaam and eight in Potaro-Siparuni.[1]


As of May 31, 2020, 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in Guyana Esequiba. 9 cases in Santa Rosa, 2 cases in Mabaruma, 15 cases in the Cuyuni area, 1 in Potaro and 1 in Rupununi. So far 1 died in Mabaruma.[2]

Guyana government response

The Government of Guyana activated hotlines for calls exclusively about possible COVID-19 contagion in the Essequian regions of Pomerón-Supenaam, Cuyuní-Mazaruní, Potaro-Siparuni and Alto Tacutu-Alto Esequibo.[3]Template:Dubious

Disputed territory with Venezuela

The International Court of Justice planned to discuss Guyana and Venezuela border dispute over Guayana Esequiba on March 2020. The hearing was postponed due to the pandemic.[4]

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