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Carla Denyer is a British Green Party politician. She is a councillor for the Bristol ward of Clifton Down. She is most noted for her lead role in bringing about Bristol City Council's declaration of a climate emergency in 2018, which paved the way for a wave of similar declarations across the UK.

Early life

Denyer studied Mechanical Engineering at St Chad's College, Durham (2005-9).[1] She proceeded to work in the wind energy sector, working for a renewable energy consultancy, GL Garrad Hassan.[2][3] Prior to her election, Denyer's political campaigning included participating in direct action campaigning against SUVs in Clifton[4] and work in the UK Fossil Free campaign.[5]

Political career

Denyer was elected to Bristol City Council as a councillor for the Bristol ward of Clifton East (now Clifton Down) in the 2015 Bristol City Council election.[6]

Fossil-fuel divestment campaigns

Carla Denyer with Fossil Free divestment campaign, December 2016

Denyer developed an interest in ethical investment and specifically fossil-fuel divestment from 2012, through participation in the Quakers. Having participated in bringing about British Quakers' own divestment from fossil fuels, Denyer became a leading figure in the campaign to make the University of Bristol divest, first tabling a motion in her capacity as a city councillor sitting on one of the University's governance bodies in November 2015.[5][7] Despite initial defeats,[8] the campaign succeeded in March 2017.[9][10] She also participated in achieving the 2015 divestment of Bristol's Avon Pension Fund from fossil fuels.[11][12]

Climate emergency declaration

In 2018, Denyer took the lead role in bringing about Bristol City Council's declaration of a climate emergency.[13] This was the first such declaration by a UK council, and one of the first in the world.[14][15][16] Explaining the later declaration of climate emergency by the UK Parliament, on 1 May 2019, BBC news credited Denyer with the idea of first putting forward 'the idea of a local area declaring a climate emergency'.[17] Denyer's motion was described in The Independent as 'the historic first motion' which by July 2019 had been 'copied by more than 400 local authorities and parliaments'.[18] As of 2019, however, Denyer remained critical of Bristol's progress towards achieving its goal, and particularly of the planned expansion of Bristol Airport.[19]

Other activity as a councillor

Denyer continued campaigning on traffic as a councillor, focusing on cars parking in cycle lanes[20] and trying to introduce congestion charging.[21] Other prominent campaigning has included improving conditions for people renting their homes;[22][23] successfully opposing council tax increases for poorer taxpayers,[24][25] while seeking what Denyer has described as 'more ambition from the Mayor's Office in tackling austerity' by calling for the city to raise the top band of council tax;[21] trying to enable council workers to take time off to join the youth climate strikes;[26] and trying to introduce a tourist tax.[21]

EU and UK Parliament candidacy

In May 2019, Denyer stood as one of the Green candidates for South West England in the European Parliament Election.[27] The elections saw her no-platforming the UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin regarding a hustings planned to be held at Bristol University, arguing that 'while the protection of free speech is important, we have to guard against the far right taking advantage of it'.[28]

In November 2019, she stood as the Green candidate for Bristol West in the 2019 UK General Election,[29] participating in the Unite to Remain campaign,[3] leading to heated discussion as to whether she or the standing Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire was the more convincing candidate for pro-EU voters.[30][31]


  • 'Special mention' in the Local Government Information Unit's Councillor Achievement Awards in the category 'Environment and Sustainability Pioneer' (October 2019).[32][33][34]
  • The UK Local Government Association's 2018-19 Clarence Barrett Award for outstanding achievement 'for her work on the Climate Emergency motion which has been carried forward by councils everywhere' (July 2019).[35][36]
  • Big Green Politics Podcast politician of the year (2018).[37][38]

In 2019, Denyer was also nominated for the Bristol Diversity Awards in the 'politician' category,[39] and was involved in her employer's achievement of the Best Promotional Incentive Award in the 2013 Travelwest Sustainable Business Travel Awards for encouraging staff car-sharing.[2]


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