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Musical artist

Carlos Padilla Maqueo (born January 26, 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico), a very well known bass player who plays for the band ELAN, of which he officially became a member in 2003. Padilla has played many world tours and before crowds of over 35,000 people. He has recorded 4 albums with the ELAN band, selling over 1.5 million copies.

Padilla is currently one of the most sought-after bass players in Mexico and Latin America, having performed with many distinguished artists from varying genres. Padilla has recorded for TV show soundtracks, renowned recording artists from Latin America, as well as having worked as Musical Director for many years for artists signed to record labels such as Warner Music Mexico.

Padilla has vast experience with life performance. He has been playing for large crowds since he was 14 years of age and has been qualified by many critiques as one of the best live bass players from Mexico.

Padilla began playing the bass at a very early age and started to earn a living in his trade by the time he was 14. He finished his professional music education at age 21 in one of Mexico’s most prestigious music universities, graduating with honors with a vast experience in genres like Rock, Jazz and Funk, amongst many others.

Padilla is also a big supporter of music education in Mexico and Latin America, and often lectures in different parts of the world.

Some highlights of the Elan band

With over 1.5 million units sold, ELAN is the most successful independent Latin American band from Mexico.

In 2008, ELAN and the band made the first successful nationwide tour in Mexico with over 18 concerts.

2003-2005 Street Child

Street Child, was the band’s first album. They were the first band from Mexico to launch their career with an album completely in English. The album was released to critical acclaim and commercial success. Though it was released in 2003, the band had been at work on this album for almost 6 years by the time of its release. On June 2003, ELAN’s first single, Midnight, was released in Mexico on their own label, Silverlight Records (licensed through Sony Music Mexico), to unexpected response.

Street Child’s singles reached #1 in airplay in most Mexican territories. The videos went to the Top 10 Most Wanted and went to the Top 10 on the Top 20 Countdown. On Australian radio, Street Child’s singles also topped the charts. In MTV Australia, they reached the Top Ten most requested and also the #10 on the “Top 30 Countdown”.

After the release of the album, ELAN did a world tour accompanied by performances in many award shows such as the MTV Latin American award show held in Miami.

2005-2007 London Express

ELAN took a year to record the long-awaited followup to their successful Street Child album. The band's line-up consisted of drummer Michel Bitar, bass player Carlos Padilla, Jan Carlo on guitar, Elan on piano and keyboards, and for the first time, rhythm guitarist Jonathan Fraulin. Titled “London Express”, the album contained thirteen new tracks.

"Be Free" was the first single from ELAN's London Express album. The video for the "Be Free" single was directed by renowned director, animator and painter Chris Roth, and was in high rotation in Latin America's largest Music Video Networks.

'This Fool's Life was the second single released from ELAN's second album, "London Express". This Fool's Life was for several months the English-language single with the highest rotation on the radio in many Latin American countries, and one of the most listened-to English songs in countries such as Mexico. The video for This Fool's Life was also an outstanding success; it broke several records in Music Video Networks, such as Telehit, which is one of the largest music television networks in the world, broadcasting throughout Mexico, Central & South America, Europe and the United States, with a historic record breaking 12 weeks in the #1 position on the charts. In the entirety of Telehit's 13-year history, no other video has come even close to ELAN's 3 month #1 position on the chart by popular vote.

In Australia, the video for This Fool's Life debuted in the number-one position in video streaming, with over 100,000 streams for its first week in Australias' Undercover, the most important music site in Australia. This Fool's Life had almost twice the amount of views in its debut week than all other videos. A third single, Whatever it Takes, was released on November 2006.

2007 What Can Be Done At This Point

On May 8, 2007, ELAN released their third album, entitled What Can Be Done At This Point. The album consisted of 10 new original tracks, and includes the track What Can Be Done At This Point, song that gives the name to the album and offers a posthumous tribute to the crew of the space shuttle Challenger. The track contains original audio of the transmission between the Challenger and mission control of the day of the unforgettable tragedy. The rights to this audio clip were granted by NASA.

The first single from What Can Be Done At This Point is titled Don't Want You In; its video jumped straight to the Top-10 charts on Telehit. It was directed by Gulliver Parascandolo, who also directed the videos for This Fool's Life and Whatever It Takes. On September 10, 2007, ELAN was awarded an Independent Diamond Record Award for the certified sale of 1.5 million copies of their music.

2008 Shine

On March 10, 2008, ELAN their fourth album, titled Shine. Its 2008 tour has been one of the most successful independent tours in Latin America by a truly independent band from Latin America.

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