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Castlestone Management LLC., is an independently owned asset manager based in the United States managing two UCITS Funds. The firm specifically manages funds for independent financial advisors and their clients.


Castlestone Management was founded in 1996 by former Co-Head of the International Equity Department, NatWest Markets USA and President of the Macquarie Bank USA Angus Murray,[1] who serves as Castlestone Management's current Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The company was incorporated to be the investment manager of a series of British Virgin Islands funds. Castlestone originated from a European Family Office and gradually developed to concentrate on providing funds and services to financial intermediaries and their clients, as well as institutions.

Castlestone unveiled its Equity High Yield & Premium Income Fund in December 2013.[2]

In August 2015, Castlestone announced the formation of its Emerging Markets Equity High Yield and Premium Income Fund, formerly known as the “Next 11 Emerging Markets Fund”.[3]

Investment Strategy

The Castlestone investment strategy centres on foresight and meeting the long-term investment objectives of its investors. Castlestone focuses primarily on capital preservation and the power of cumulative returns, enabling it to identify assets with a high potential for favourable returns in the future. After seeking out companies with constant or expanding cash flows, the firm looks at balance sheets to determine dividend sustainability and economic performance.[2]

Castlestone Management Inc. offers funds which provide direct exposure to real assets such as Gold, Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc.


In 2012, Castlestone Management Incorporated became involved in a regulatory investigation in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The regulator launched a probe into the funds. The BVI's Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC) brought in Grant Thornton to investigate the fees and expenses being charged by eight funds managed by Castlestone Management Inc.

In July 2011 the FSA (FCA) investigated Castlestone Management Limited a UK company.[4] In September the decision was made by the directors of Castlestone Management to wind up its listed funds, following this the UK firm ceased trading and administrators were appointed by the directors.[5]

Industry recognition

Castlestone Management has seen industry recognition for its work in the investment sector with awards presented both to the company itself and for its funds. Castlestone's Porcupine Global Macro Plus fund[6] was twice a finalist in the “Best Performing Global Macro Fund” category at the Hedge Fund Awards, in 2007 and 2009.[7] The company was also “Highly Commended” at the 2009 International Fund and Product Awards and at the 2009 Hedge Funds European Performance Awards,[8]

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