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Catchgod is an online Chinese language dating website. It also known as "开搞网" in Chinese which is from catchgod's homophonic. The server is located at Sydney, Australia. Visitors can register as member and post their personal details to socialize. The main users of Catchgod are Chinese living in Australia.


The website had 20,000 members as of March 2011.[1] A technical problem crashed the server on June 2012, which lost many members' data.[2] As of May 2012, Catchgod uses a stricter register system to filter members and avoid data being stolen.[3]

Beau Donnelly, an investigative journalist from Port Phillip Review Local, reported that some illegal prostitution business poster their advertises on catchgod.[4][5] At the same time, main Chinese online community such as,[6][7] and[8] report this news and discuss why this scandal happened.

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