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Cem Bayoğlu
[[File:Cem Bayoglu.jpg|frameless|alt=]]
Born Özgür Cem Bayoğlu
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İzmir, Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Occupation Photographer, Visual Artist
Years active 2011-
Home town İzmir
Spouse(s) Template:Marriage
Children Lila Bayoğlu

Cem Bayoğlu (born Feb 17 1977) is a Turkish photographer and visual artist who is known for his celebrity portraits and fine art portraits, which utilise unique lights and color techniques.[1][2]

Early Life And Photography Career

Cem was born and raised in İzmir, Turkey in 1977. where he also completed his education life from primary school to university.[1] In 1998, he graduated from Dokuz Eylül University and started working in his family business.[1]

His interest in photography started with a projector showing colorful positive films at an early age.[1]

Between 1994 and 2000, he played guitar in a band he formed with his friends.[1] In 2001, he travelled to Australia to learn English and bought his first digital camera.[1] In 2006, he released the album titled Teselli, composed of his own compositions.[1] His interest in both music and photography was only a hobby at the time.[1]

He continued his career in the family company until he opened his first photography studio in İzmir in 2011.[3]

In 2013, with the aim of supporting the One Billion Rising campaign founded by American feminist and drama writer Eve Ensler, Cem created a series of photographs inspired by stories of domestic violence. The series, known as One Billion Suffers, was exhibited for the first time in the world as a Facebook virtual exhibition.[4][5] The virtual exhibition, which had been on air for fourteen days, was deleted at the end of this period, with all the photos, likes and comments on the page to draw attention to pain and suffering women are forced to endure[6] Cem's "One Billion Suffers" series can be considered a powerful tool for creating awareness and influencing positive change in society.[7]

Some of the works from his series were exhibited at the What Color Is Abuse joint exhibition initiated by activist artist Joe Stein in Duren, Germany.[8] It was created with the participation of thirteen artists from various countries. The first exhibition took place in a church in the city of Duren in 2013. One of Cem Bayoğlu's photographs in this exhibition was the cover of the Weisser Ring magazine published in Germany.[9][10]

Since 2013, he has shot photographs, music videos and commercials for many famous names and brands. In 2017, the social responsibility project Ten Thousand Warm Hearts, launched by Forum Bornova Mall, in which he made the commercial, won a gold medal in the ICSC Solal Marketing 2017 Awards / Corporate Social Responsibility category held in Vienna.[11]

In 2019, his fine art works were exhibited at the first time in Europe at the Paris Maison et Objet fair.[12] Bayoğlu has mainly three different fine art photography series [13] and one of them is very unique and impressive.[14] His Series ‘Sinful Colors’ doesn’t use any major augmentations! It’s all natural, so there’s no airbrushing.[15] ‘Sinful Colors’ explores colour schemes.[14] The overall effect was described "like a nightmare form of A Midsummer Night’s Dream riding on an erotic undercurrent." [16]


The techniques and compositions in his artistic photographs and works are reminiscent of the style of baroque period painters who use asymmetry versus symmetry, curvilinear forms against geometric shapes, and who do not recognize the rules and principles of classical works.[17]


Fine Art Photography Series

  • Sinful Colors
  • Berceste
  • Underland

Music Album Covers Taken by Bayoğlu

  • Teoman - Eski Bir Rüya Uğruna
  • İskender Paydaş - Zamansız Şarkılar II
  • Ferman Akgül - İstemem Söz Sevmeni
  • Pamela Spence - Aslanlar Gibi
  • Cenk Eren - Repertuvar Tanju Okan Şarkıları
  • Cenk Eren - Repertuvar Selda Bağcan Şarkıları
  • Volga Tamöz - No2Template:Dn
  • Grup Mecaz - Heybe
  • Gamze Matracı - Balkantoloji
  • Yılmaz Kömürcü - Yeni Aşk
  • Yıldız Hazel - Seve Seve
  • Gizli Özne - Yalancı Şair

Book Covers Taken by Bayoğlu

  • Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar - Bir Baskan Bir Sehir Bir Ask
  • Ferman Akgül - Osmanli Cadisi Tirnova (inner cover photos)

Photography Exhibitions

  • One Billion Suffers (Personal exhibition about violence against women consisting of fourteen photographs)
  • What Color Is Abuse (Violence against women exhibition with the participation of thirteen artists from various countries)

Music Videos and Commercials Directed by Bayoğlu

  • Ferman Akgül - İstemem Söz Sevmeni
  • Yıldız Hazel - Seve Seve
  • Kenan Doğulu - Swings With Blue In Green Big Band Concert[18]
  • Folkart - October,29 Karsiyaka-Göztepe Friendship Commercial Film
  • Forum Bornova Mall - Ten Thousand Warm Hearts


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