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Chaotic Rage is a free, open source, third-person shooter supporting campaign, single, split-screen and network games.[1] As well as being open source, all of the game content is separated into mods, with complete modding documentation. The game is released on a tight three-week cycle, but this has slipped a little in the last few releases.

Built using SDL and OpenGL, the game is cross-platform although only Windows and Android binaries are officially released,[2] but the source compiles on Linux. There is experimental support for the MXE cross-compiler as well as emscripten JavaScript builds.

The game started as way for its author to learn C. Eventually it was re-written in C++,[3] although over time other people have started contributing to the project.[4]

The game engine was coded from scratch, rather than using a preexisting engine. Gameplay features include zombies, ground and land vehicles, turrets, helicopters, trains, various particle effects, multiple weapons and an in-game map editor. Most game features can be tweaked using modding, with AIs and game types defined using the embedded language Lua. Physics is provided by bullet physics.


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