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CHARLIE AND THE BHOYS are an Irish / Celtic band that were formed over two decades ago in the East End of Glasgow Barlanark and played their first ever concert at the Squirrel Bar, Gallowgate, Glasgow in 1989. They band branded themselves as the "No.1 Glasgow Celtic Band in the World" in the early years but have since dropped this tag. They have enjoyed a reasonable degree of success in their role having played to audiences across the world including New York, Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Dublin, London and other cities in North America, Australia, Europe and all across the UK and Ireland.

The band have written more songs regarding Celtic Football Club than any other.

The band's name is derived from the nickname for Celtic Football Club, which most of their music celebrates. Celtic legend Billy McNeill gave the band its name whilst placing an ad for its performance in his pub McNeill's in the south side of Glasgow. At that time the band didn't have a name and Billy could only remember that one of the band's members was called Charlie.

The biggest turn-out for the band to date was in Seville, Spain, Prado De San Sebastian where an estimated 15,000+ turned out on the eve of Celtic FCs UEFA Cup final with FC Porto. The only time the band appear in Glasgow these days is at the famous Glasgow Barrowlands venue twice yearly - Good Friday and September weekend.

Famous songs by Charlie and the Bhoys include: Willie Maley, Raised on Celtic, Inter Milan, Bhoys Against Bigotry, Bye Bye Rangers, Tommy Burns, Johnny Doyle and the latest Bertie Auld song which can be found on the latest CD.


Charlie and the Bhoys have released 10 albums to date + 1 official DVD):

  • Charlie and the Bhoys (Yellow Album) - 1996
  • Live at Glasgow Barrowlands - 1998
  • Unplugged - 1999
  • The Greatest Celtic Album in the World Ever! - 1999
  • Dedicated - 2001
  • The Very Best Of - 2003
  • Raised on Celtic - 2005
  • Hail Hail The Songs Are Here - 2006
  • Dreams and Songs to Sing - 2007
  • What The Hell Do We Care - 2009
  • 25 IN A ROW - 2014

  • DVD - Live at Glasgow Barrowlands 2005

The Band

  • Charlie Boyle (not Devlin!) (original member 1989 -)
  • Jimmy (original member)
  • Rab (1999-)
  • Tam (2004-)
  • Frankie (original member)
  • Wardie (1991 - features now and again these days)

Charity work

The band were the the 1st fund the charity for the Celtic legend Tommy Burns, <>. A five figure sum was donated to the newly formed charity.

The band auctioned (1 of only 2) 20th Anniversary banners in 2010 through ebay/oxfam for the Haiti Earthquake Disaster. Paul Morrison of Condorrat, Cumbernauld won with a top bid of £255. Paul is now the only person outside the band to have this banner, the other one will always remain with the band.

In September 2009 the band wrote a song on behalf of friends and family of the late Kevin McDaid who was killed in Coleraine. The song was placed on IndieStore as a download which shot to number 1 in the IndieStore charts. All proceeds were donated to the family.

In New York in 2007 the band also appeared in New York for the local Celtic Supporters Clubs to raise $5000 which was donated to the Glasgow Cancer Hospice.

The band were honoured back in 2004 to head over to Sligo to headline an event to help raise money for the Brother Walfrid Statue. The band also helped the James Connolly Johnstone CSC with gigs in Bothwell for the (Jinky) Jimmy Johnstone statue in Viewpark, North Lanarksire, Scotland. Celtic's Greatest Ever Player.

In 2001, with The Brazen Head, a night was arranged with a selected audience for Bobby Murdoch. Bobby was the first Lisbon Lion to sadly pass away. The night with guests including [[Billy McNeill] and Tony Roper to name a couple raised £12,000. An unbelievable and memorable night for the family!


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