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Chen Lin
Born October 1979
Zhuzhou, Hunan, P.R. China
Died May 31, 2008
Yingxiu, Sichuan, P.R. China
Nationality Chinese

Chen Lin (Chinese: 陈林; October 1979 – May 2008) was born in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China.[1] Chen Lin was an air-duty-mechanic in an Army aviation force group of Chendu Military Region. Chen Lin died in a crash with his four colleagues on May 31, 2008, when they were driving a transport helicopter to rescue the injured in the tremendous earthquake disaster in Wenchuan City, Sichuan Province on 12th, May, 2008.

Personal life

Chen Lin joined the army in September 1998, and graduated from a military school as a Bachelor in 2001. Chen passed the exam to become an air-duty-mechanic from a ground-duty-mechanic. He participated in important missions such as highland trial flight, with whole flight-time up to 790 hours.[2]

During the period of earthquake relief work, Chen's flight-time was as many as about 40 hours, having transported 11.9 tons of goods and materials as well as 110 people. On May 31, Chen and four other colleagues from an Army aviation force group were flying No. 92734 helicopter to transport the wounded. The helicopter crashed because of strong and gusty wind in a gorge. Chen Lin, Li Yue, Wang Huaiyuan, Qiu Guanghua and Zhang Hua died in the crash. On June 13, the Political Department of Chen Du Military Regime ratified them as martyrs.[2]

On June 24, 2008, Chen Lin's ashes were brought back to his hometown in Hunan, and were buried in Hunan Revolutionary Martyrs' Park.[3]


  • Father: Chen Xiegui (Chinese: 陈协贵)
  • Wife: Zeng Qian (Chinese: 曾婧)
  • Daughter: Chen Qianwen (Chinese: 陈婧雯)

His daughter was only almost one year old when he died, and the day before his sacrifice he promised her that he would celebrate Children's Day for her with his wife.[3]

Chen Xiegui, Chen Lin's father, said that he felt greatly grief about his son, but he was very proud of Chen's putting himself forward when his motherland and people needed him. Chen Lin loved his daughter dearly and cracked a joke that he would let his daughter study abroad and come back to make a contribution to the motherland's development. Chen Xiegui said he would take care of his granddaughter attentively and would not disappoint her father.[4]

Zeng Qian, Chen Lin's wife, born in 1982, Chendu City, was employed as an operator in College of Sichuan Provincial Geological Serving and Drawing after she graduating from Chengdu University of science and engineering in 2004. They married eight months after they met. She showed great braveness after her husband died: "I will bring my husband's love 'fly' tenaciously whatever difficulties I come across."[5]

Martyr Achievement

Hunan Provincial Military Region, Changsha City Government and Zhuzhou City Government held the ceremony of burying Chen's ashes in Hunan Revolutionary Martyrs' Park, which is located in Changsha City, on June 24, 2008.[3]

Sichuan Provincial Committee, Provincial Government and Chengdu Military Region observed the grand opening of unveiling ceremony of the five martyrs statures in Chengdu City Martyrs' Park on May 12, 2009.[6]


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