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Christopher S.Raj
Nationality India
Occupation Professor & Presbyter

Christopher S. Raj is Professor of American Studies and former Dean of School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is also Presbyter at Cathedral Church of Redemption in New Delhi.[1][2][3]


Raj began his career as Research officer at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.[4] He joined in JNU, New Delhi as Associate Professor of American Studies in 1985. Besides, he had been visiting professor at Foreign Services Institutes Delhi and lectures at Mahow College.[5] He has also been awarded Senior Fulbright Fellowship attached to Brookings Institution, Friederich Ebert Stiftung Fellowship at Constance University, Indo-Canadian Shastri Fellowhip at Waterloo University.[6]


He has written many books and research articles. His major works are:

  1. American Military in Europe: Controversy Over NATO Burden-Sharing (ABC Publishing,New Delhi,1983)[7]
  2. Camp David: One Year After[8]
  3. Canada's global engagements and relations with India. Manak Publications, New Delhi. 2007. ISBN 978-81-7827-168-2. [9]
  4. Kristiya Drishtanta : a Christian Viewpoint (Theological Research and Communication Institute,New Delhi,1989)[10]
  5. Multiculturalism : Public Policy and Problem Areas in Canada and India. Manak Publications, New Delhi. 2009. ISBN 978-81-7831-184-5.  [11]
  6. Stalking Terror : Landmines in Peace and in War. Wordsmiths, Delhi. 2000. ISBN 978-81-8741-202-1. [12]


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