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Classroom Games

Classroom games are one of the best educational tools to meet appropriate teaching and learning. It is a practical based methodology a teacher use. It is not only full of fun, interesting and interactive but also energizes the students, thus motivating and developing the sense of socialization, healthy competitions among students, teamwork, self-confidence, etc. Classroom Games can be played with all sections of students. It can be of any subjects with varying levels, normal to hard and materials that are used. Types of Games

It has been proved that games forms of learning are much effective. Still these are high in demand in academic sector. There are wide range of games that are played in and out of the schools.

   Jeopardy: one of the popular game of all time. Mostly famous among teachers as a teaching tool.
   Four Pictures-One Word: This game is also very popular among students. This game can be used for vocabulary and spelling. Teacher can play this game through slides, creating different background themes like Harry Potter and Hogward magic school or a fairy world.
   Crossword Puzzle: This game requires lots of utilization of brain. It can be said Crossword puzzle is a psycho-process learning. This game can be played anywhere, anytime. One can create his own puzzle game. Teacher can utilize this game in teaching Vocabulary, spelling, identifying the basic theme words of a contents, etc.
   Bingo: Bingo game is the best game for teaching and learning English and Math. In most of the International school teacher play this game with students in the class.
   Act and Make: This game is played in a group of student or consisting of two- three member. In this game teacher call out one of a member of a group. Teacher will show figure or whisper word to student. student have to enact without uttering a word. other member have to identify the meaning. and after knowing the meaning, member have to make sentences out of that meaning word. Teacher can keep system of rewarding to winning group.
   Quiz: It is a game of questions and answers. Teacher throw questions to students and students have to answer the questions. this game can be divided into different levels or rounds like quick answer round, pictorial round, audio round, etc.

Now a days so many game apps and online games have come up. Teacher and students can go online and play or else can download and use it for educational learning. Importance of Classroom Games

Game has been all time favorite of everyone. students learn fast through games and any practical base learning than simple old traditional way of learning " Theory". The main aim and important of classroom game is to raise interest and motivation of students towards learning of subjects. It cannot be denied also that games not only develop intellectual skill but also physical capability. Students are mostly engaged with technology like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart boards, computers and technology tools like worldwide web (social media, Wikipedia, online video games, etc), creating eagerness towards learning. Teacher and parents can apply it for granted.

   Classroom games should be included into the teaching and learning methodology because it help students to take a active participation in learning.
   It provide development of both mental and physical aspects.
   It inculcate a sense of socialization i.e. teamwork, mutual understanding, co-operative, healthy relationship with his peer groups and teacher.
   It generate an atmosphere of competition, leading students towards motivations, self confidence, self dependent, etc.
   Games helps students to get acquainted with wide range of technology and its tools. Both students and teacher can use technology in class to play. Moreover, students can teach their parents also. It is a teaching and learning session for a students, teachers and parents.
   Games enable students to do drill and practice. Here, students can practice as much as can until he comes to perfection.
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