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Conductor is a provider of SEO services platforms based in New York City.

Searchlight SEO

The original platform provided by Conductor is Searchlight (Software) SEO, which helps companies manage the SEO ranking of their web properties and publications[1][2] The platform is cloud-based and also contains SEO measurement metrics that analyze a company’s SEO trends over time. The platform was used by about one thousand different companies by 2012, and supported around half a million keywords.[3] It has been described as a platform that "enables marketers to measure the ROI of their search engine optimization efforts, drive visibility and buy-in for search programs and create a predictable model for natural search revenue growth".[4]

Web presence management

In May 2014 Conductor released software intended to manage the online reputations of companies without the use of paid media.[5] A study of 250,000 companies conducted by Conductor showed that 93% of web traffic funneled to online retailers did not come through paid media or advertising, and that only about 5% of web presence investment was spent by those companies on that 93% of traffic. Conductor uses the term “web presence management” for the organizing of non-paid media campaigns.[6][7] Instead of paid media, the software platform uses social media and web content creation as the driver of SEO.[8] Conductor has also released studies pointing to the effectiveness of "video marketing".[9] Other studies released by Conductor have predicted the trends of marketing spending by large-scale clients.[10]

Company overview

Conductor was founded in 2005 by Jeremy Duboys and Seth Besmertnik in New York City.[11][12] The company increased its revenues from about $100,000 in 2009 to about $7 million in 2012.[1] That year the company ranked at number thirty-eight on the Inc. 500 list of US companies ranked by highest growth percentage,[11] and received $20 million in financing.[4] In 2012 they were rated the fourth best place to work (small/medium sized category) in the state of New York by the Crain organization.[13] In The company added an office in San Francisco in 2014.[5] The cofounder and CEO of the company is Seth Besmertnik.[8]

Conductor Foundation

The Conductor Foundation provides pro bono help to non-profits in developing their SEO strategies, including access to Searchlight. This is done through free training seminars and the provision of grants to qualifying organizations. Grant recipients have included New York Public Radio, The National Kidney Foundation, and Housing Works.[14]


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