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Corners is a 2016 British mystery, comedy-drama film, directed by Scott Cooper. The film was adapted for the screen by Scott Cooper and Edward Kahoo. The film and was released on 9 April 2016, in the United Kingdom by Film 4. It grossed $1million after the DVD release, against a $5 million budget. It was released on Blu-ray and DVD on 11 April 2016. The film received mixed reviews.


On the first day of school, a new girl arrives and we find out her name is Pepper (Zöe Belkin) and Axel instantly falls for her. They become close in the first few weeks she arrived. One night, Pepper arrives at his door step in the middle of the night and recruits him for an all-night, revenge road trip. Pepper discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. The event gives Axel hope that he finally has a chance to develop a closer relationship with Pepper. He begins to learn how to assert himself and to take chances.

The next day Pepper does not come to school, and after a few days, some consider her missing, others just conclude she left for an undisclosed location. After seeing the news, reporting that she is dead, but there was no body found, Axel realizes that Pepper left messages for him as to where she would be going. He thinks that she left these messages before she died. Jake and Savannah start to develop feelings for each other.

When Axel, Jake, and Savannah attend a party at Jason's house, Megan argues with Savannah over her betrayal of Pepper with Jason. Because of her loyalty to pepper, Megan leaves in disgust. Axel finds Megan crying outside in her car and gets to know her, discovering that, beneath her superficial exterior, she is actually an intelligent and compassionate person, and they become friends. Megan helps Axel find Pepper, either dead or alive.

When they do not find Pepper at her grave, Axel stays while the others return home with their car. He finds Pepper on the street and admits his affection for her, but she does not feel the same way. She faked her death and ran away from home to escape her neglectful parents, in an attempt to figure out who she is. She left the messages to let Axel know that she is safe and is not dead. Pepper remains in London. Axel books a train ticket home and they share a farewell kiss. After graduation, he continues spending time with his friends throughout the summer before they all leave for college.


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  • Zoe Belkin as Pepper, the film's lead protagonist
  • Elena Kampouris as Savannah, Axel's childhood friend
  • Jaren Lewison as Axel
  • Larissa Schmitz as Megan "Meg" Lincoln, one of Axel's friends
  • Deborah Abbott as Miss Raven, Axel's English Teacher
  • Tommy Freeman as Jason, Pepper's former boyfriend
  • Raya Wright as Anna Rington, Pepper's former friend
  • Meg Crossfir as Miss Spiegelman, Pepper's Math Teacher
  • David Chua as Security Guard
  • David Loo as Security Guard
  • Jim Coleman as Police Officer Orlando Police Department
  • Lane Lovegrove as Rob, the local man whose corpse was found by police officers
  • cameo as Mason, store clerk
  • Ray Dallimore as Jacob, Axel's father
  • Scott Cooper

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Pre-production The rights to the film had been optioned since at least 2013;[1] Cooper wrote the first draft of the screenplay himself.[2]

Although the script features a scene set in SeaWorld the location was changed. On 24 March 2014 Cooper announced that Jaren Lewison would be playing the protagonist Axel. Zoe Belkin's casting as Pepper was announced the following September.


Although the script is set primarily Manchester, England's tax incentives for filmmakers made it the affordable choice for principal photography according to Cooper. The crew was encouraged to finish filming before 2 January 2016, the date when certain tax incentives would expire.

Filming began on 3 November 2015, in and around Brindleyplace and concluded on 19 December 2015.[3] On 17–18 November filming was due to take place at the Brindleyplace Arts Building in Brindleyplace, England but due to weather conditions the schedule was moved to 18–19 November, when the film was shot on location both days.[4] Production was due to be moved to South London, England on 2 December to film the school scenes with extras, but the venue was changed and filming took place in London Film School, England instead. Between 2 and 8 December the crew filmed at London Film School in London, England, which was transformed into "Brindleyplace High School". Cast members were dressed for warm weather even though it was cold.


The film was originally supposed to be released on 31 July 2016. The release date was later changed to 19 June and then to 5 June. In March 2015 Temple Hill Entertainment moved the release date to 1 April 2016. It was released on DVD on 9 April instead.


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