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Template:Copy edit Crash Force is a multiplayer online Third-person shooter video game developed and published by Ascanio Entertainment. It was released in July 2017 for Steam. The Xbox One version of Crash Force will be released later in 2017.[1]. Crash Force was first released on Steam Early Access in January 2017[2]


Players can battle in arena style maps, using hovercrafts that are equipped with two weapons and four abilities, that they must use to defeat their enemies.[3] There are nine hovercrafts in Crash Force to choose from, from three hovercraft families (factions).[4]

Game modes

Crash Force has four different game modes: Team Showdown, One Man Wolfpack, Capture The Flag and Control The Nest and three maps called Aquila Plains, Cicuma Forest and Clava Tombs.[5]

Cosmetic items

Insignias are a cosmetic icon for a player's profile that adds flavor to a users experience in Crash Force. The color and insignia design can be seen through out the main menu and in-game kill/death announcements. Insignias can be bought in the Market. Decals are cosmetic icons for the hovercrafts. You can choose from different decals, and your choice will be shown in-game underneath your hovercraft. Decals can be bought in the Market.[6] Bodykits are a cosmetic effect for the hovercrafts. You can buy a skin through the Market tab in Crash Force. There are two exclusive-only Cyprus Comic Con body kits that were given away during the CCC2016 competition [7] Sprays are a cosmetic effect for the hovercrafts, similar to Bodykits but with customization that can be manipulated by the user. You can find the Sprays through the Craft Gallery and then in the Customization tab of a hovercraft in Crash Force. There are 255 different colors to choose from and five different types of Paint Materials. Each hovercraft's parts are different and therefore each hovercraft has fewer or more parts to apply Paint onto.


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