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Daddy Couture is an American fashion brand headquartered in New York City.[1] It specializes in ready-to-wear and lifestyle accessories.[2] The company has substantial market share and presence in the LGBTQ community.[3][4][5]


Daddy Couture was founded in May 2018 with its headquarters located in New York City.[6] The brand launched with a team made up of queer designers, content creators and fashion figures, and it has garnered thousands of followers on social media since inception.[7] It has also attracted endorsements from celebrities such as Chris Crocker and Tiffany Pollard.[3]

In September 2019, it was announced that celebrities Rebecca More and Matthew Camp took ownership positions in the brand.[8][9]

Products and services

Daddy Couture offers LGBTQ fashion wears and accessories.[10] The brand also contributes to LGBTQ charitable organizations.[11][12] Daddy Couture has garnered reception as “The face of queer fashion” in the LGBTQ industry.[2]


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