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Daisy Jing
Born (born 1989)
Nationality American
Alma mater Duke University
Occupation Founder and CEO of Banish

Daisy Jing (born 1989) is an American entrepreneur, podcaster and internet personality from Los Angeles, California.[1][2] She is the founder of Banish, a natural skincare company with a focus on acne scars treatment.[3][4] Jing created an online community mainly dedicated to acne issues.[5]


Jing grew up in Minnesota. She graduated from Duke University in 2010 with a B.S degree in economics and social psychology.[6] Jing suffered from cystic acne and scarring during her adolescence,[7] as well as physical and emotional trauma and low self-esteem.[8] While a student at Duke University, Jing started a video blog to help those with similar skin condition. Eventually, the blog developed into a large online community, named "The Acne Channel", sharing experience on solving acne issues and overcoming daily challenges for those suffering from acne scars.[2][5][9] She spoke at TEDx at Georgia Tech on entrepreneurship and copying with psychological challenges and personality development among adolescents and young adults.[8][10][11] Jing has contributed to a number of nonprofit organizations and charities, including Breast Cancer Research Fund, Rainforest Alliance, School on Wheels, Animal Friends Rescue Project, Arm the Animals and more.[12] In 2013, Jing launched Banish,[13] a vertically integrated company that sells skincare products for post acne marks, based in Pasadena, California.[5][14] In November 2017, Jing appeared on the Forbes list of Manufacturing Innovators in the entrepreneurial category of "30 under 30".[10] She is also a recipient of several awards in cosmetics industry.[15]


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