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Template:Infobox comedian Daniel Van Kirk (born Daniel Nall[1]) is an American comedian, podcast personality, and writer from Rochelle, Illinois.[2] He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts in theater performance from Roosevelt University.[2] He appears as himself and as comedic caricatures on several podcasts such as Sklarbro Country with Randy and Jason Sklar as a regular,[3][4] The Bear Down Podcast and The Todd Glass Show[2][5] as well as hosting Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk on the Steve Dahl Network.[6] Van Kirk has appeared on Doug Benson's podcast, Doug Loves Movies, in character as Mark Wahlberg.[7] A mini-game on the podcast is "Doing Lines with Mark", in which Van Kirk - either in person or via recording - will recite a film quote as Wahlberg; and a contestant must name the film where the quote is taken from.[8] Van Kirk has also appeared on the podcast in character as Steven Seagal.[9]

He has also performed at South by Southwest,[10][11] Riot: LA Comedy Fest, Meltdown Comics,[12] Set List Live,[13] and Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.[2]

Sketch comedy team

Van Kirk is a performer at UCB's Maude Night as a member of team Tut. Other Tut members include actors Molly Jane Bretthauer, David Brown, Hesley Harps, Marques Ray, and Alison Rich and writers Eric Cunningham, John Ford, Joey Clift, Joe Porter, and Ryan Hitchcock.[14]


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