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David Richard Gerzof
Born 1975
Boston, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Alma mater Boston University
Emerson College
Occupation Entrepreneur, professor
Title President of BIGfish PR, Professor and Communication Scientist at Emerson College

David Gerzof Richard (born 1975) is an American professor, entrepreneur, PR executive and public speaker on digital media and marketing issues.[1] He is the founder and president of BIGfish PR, a public relations agency headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a limited partner at GreatPoint Ventures and teaches at Emerson College and lectures at Harvard University.[2][3]

Education and career

In 1995, Richard helped in founding Cignal Global Communications, Inc., an international voice and data carrier. At the time, he was studying at Boston University working on a bachelor's degree, which he received in 1997. Richard oversaw Cignal's marketing until 1999 when it was acquired by Priority Telecom.[4] After the acquisition of Cignal, Richard founded BIGfish PR, a public relations agency based in Boston. Around the same time, he started his course work at Emerson College where he received a Masters in 2001.[5]

In 2003, Richard was appointed as a Professor and Communication Scientist at Emerson College. Since 2003 at Emerson College he developed programs that connect the school's Communication Studies Department with brands outside the college.[6] He has taught courses in guerilla PR, sports media, political communication, speech writing and thought leadership. He is known for inviting celebrities through social media to speak to his classes at the college.[7] Notable frequent guests of Richard’s classes include Lane Sutton,[8]Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski[9] and Chad Johnson.[10][11]

Beginning in 2016, Richard has served as a public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship mentor to TechStars companies.[12] Richard is often quoted in media outlets as a digital media and marketing expert[13] He has been an authoritative source on social media, marketing and technology for The Boston Globe,[14] The Wall Street Journal,[15] Fox News,[16] NPR,[17] CBS,[18][19] The Boston Herald,[20] Entrepreneur,[21] and the New York Daily News.[22]

Awards and honors

  • 2015 – Clutch Top Public Relations Firms
  • 2016 – Clutch Top Public Relations Firms
  • 2016 – Tech.co Top Tech Startup Founders Over 40 You Need to Know[4]


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