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David Hazard (born December 1, 1955 in New York, United States) is an American writer and author coach.



Hazard holds a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations, with a minor in Literature, from Syracuse University (’77).[no citations needed here]


Hazard has been a writing coach since 1978.[1] He also consulted with publishers including Baker Publishing, Harper & Row, Thomas Nelson, Random House, and Viking.[no citations needed here]

Hazard wrote cover features for national magazines, and his essays appeared in Christianity Today, and other periodicals.[no citations needed here] His monthly column, “Classic Christianity”,[2] appeared in Charisma magazine. Hazard’s first adult non-fiction book, Blood Brothers (Chosen Books/ Baker Publishing, 1984), records the true-life story of Fr. Elias Chacour, a Palestinian peacemaker who has worked to bring dialogue between Palestinian and Jewish Israelis since the 1960s. Blood Brothers has been published in 37 languages.[3]

In 2007, Hazard founded ASCENT,[4] an international coaching program for authors.


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  • ‘’Blood Brothers’’ (2003, 2013) [5]
  • ‘’No Compromise the life story of Keith Green’’ (1989, 2008)
  • I Come Quietly to Meet You: An Intimate Journey in God's Presence (2005)
  • You Set My Spirit Free: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of John of the Cross (Rekindling the Inner Fire) (1994)
  • You Are My Hiding Place (Rekindling the Inner Fire) (1991)
  • Safe Within Your Love (Rekindling the Inner Fire) (1992)
  • Fatherhood Aborted (2001)
  • Majestic is Your Name: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Theresa of Avila (1993)
  • Early Will I Seek You (Rekindling the Inner Fire) (1991)
  • A Day In Your Presence: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Francis of Assisi (Rekindling Inner Fire) (1992)
  • Will I Cry Tomorrow? (1990)
  • Come, Lord Jesus (Rekindling the Inner Fire)’’(1999)
  • When You Can't Say "I Forgive You": Breaking the Bonds of Anger and Hurt (2000)
  • Your Angels Guard My Steps (Rekindling Inner Fire) (1998)
  • You Give Me New Life: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of the Early Disciples: Devotional Readings (Rekindling the Inner Fire) (1995)
  • Reducing Stress (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2002)
  • Yet Will I Praise Him (1987)
  • Catherine Marshall's Storybook for Children (1987)
  • How a Man Handles Conflict at Work (Lifeskills for Men) (1996)
  • Controlling PMS: Natural Remedies for Better Living (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2002)
  • Overcoming Anxiety (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2003)
  • Tired No More!: Energizing Your Life and Your Spirit (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2003)
  • Breaking Free from Depression (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2002)
  • Relieving Headaches and Migraines (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) by David Hazard (2002-03-06)
  • Managing Your Allergies (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) by David Hazard (2002-03-03)
  • A Place Behind the World’’(1991)
  • Building Cancer Resistance (Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) (2002)
  • The peaceable kingdom (1982)

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