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David William Parry (born 25 August 1958) is a author, poet, dramaturge, anarchist, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, active Libertarian, member of the World Nation Writers' Union and Wiccan.[1][2][3][4][5] He was the founder and chair of Gruntlers' Group and is currently Chairman of Eurasian Creative Guild.[6]

In the early eighties he moved to London from Fareham in Hampshire.[7] After living in South London for a few years, he graduated in religious studies at King's College London (1990). Later, in 1996, he obtained a Master's degree in Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, London.[8]


Parry has given readings as a poet, delivered lectures, offered sermons and performed public rituals across the United Kingdom since 1996. In 2008, Parry founded Gruntlers' as a loosely connected group of "Imagist" writers. By November 2009, this literary association had developed into "Gruntlers' Arts Group", staging regular events at the Poetry Place in Covent Garden. As a producer, director and actor in the subsequent “Gruntlers' Cabaret” at The Space, he helped establish “Gruntlers' Theatre”, which performed in 2010, "The Botanist Monsieur Jordan and the Sorcerer-Dervish Mastali Shah" at "Arts Educational School". Parry played the character "Lord Hatamkhan".[9][10] In December 2011, Parry directed the first English language production of "Shakespeare: a comedy in ten scenes, both serious and tragic" by the Azerbajiani playwright Elchin Afandiyev,[11] thereby introducing “Elchin Theatre” to Europe. Generally, critics agreed “Gruntlers'” was a three-pronged Arts Collective, consisting of a Theatrical Company, a literary salon and an international cabaret performing along the lines of DaDa, Absurdist and Surrealist Theatre. Its principal intention consisting in the promotion of Fringe arts in a contemporary setting.[12] However, by 2012 “Gruntlers'” finished and Parry started Theo-Humanist Arts (THA) Ltd.[13] A project hosting The London Althing at The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) that same year, where Parry was ordained as a priest of the goddess Nerthus by Freya Asswyn.[14][15]

Furthering European “Elchin Theatre”, July 2013 witnessed Parry’s production of "Citizens of Hell", which became Theo-Humanist Arts first major theatrical project.[16] All ventures leading to accusations of Parry being a Neo-Fascist by Indymedia UK,[17] and Circle Ansuz.[18] Partly to counterbalance these allegations, Parry started to co-host the alternative podcast “THA Talks” with Paul Obertelli.[19] Unrelatedly, in December 2014, Parry staged a scene from his own play "A Day in the Light" (based on a meeting between Albert Schweitzer and James Cameron) at the British House of Lords.

As a priest, Parry is listed as a registered celebrant for the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC).[20] This makes him the first recognised Godhi in United Kingdom with authority to officiate at weddings, funerals, and Child Namings. A religious and political stance leading to his appointment as Press Secretary of the Libertarian Party (UK) in March 2015.[21]

Early June 2016, saw Parry play a cameo of Alfred Hitchcock in Nick Pelas' psychodrama "Hitchcock Homage" at Barons Court Theatre.[22] Additionally, in 2016 Parry both directed and co-produced "Shakespeare Tonight" at Theatro Technis as part of the Camden Fringe Festival,[23] before its staging in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Paradise Green.[24] Currently, Parry is engaged with Victor Sobchak’s ART-Vic as a creative director for “Cincinatus” and allied experimental productions.


  • The Botanist Monsieur Jordan and The Sorcerer-Dervish Mastali Shah Director/Producer/Actor (April 2010)[25]
  • Shakespeare: a comedy in ten scenes, both serious and tragic Director (December 2011)[26]
  • Citizens of Hell Director/Producer (July 2013)[27]
  • Shakespeare Tonight - Director/Producer (August 2016)[28]


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