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Death on the Nile is a 2004 British television film, part of the ITV Agatha Christie's Poirot series, based on the mystery novel Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. The film was shot almost entirely on location in Egypt.


Jacqueline De Bellefort introduces her fiancé Simon to her friend Linnet Ridgeway in the hope that Linnet will give him a job. Instead, Linnet marries Simon herself and they head off for a honeymoon in Egypt (the same place where Jacqueline had planned her honeymoon with Simon). A bitter Jacqueline follows them to Egypt, appearing wherever they go.

Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is also on holiday in Egypt. While staying in the same hotel as the newlyweds, he is approached by Linnet Doyle who is getting tired of Jacqueline's harassment. Poirot doesn't accept the job, as he believes that Jacqueline has been treated shamefully by Linnet and Simon. He nevertheless tries to warn Jacqueline against pursuing the Doyles any further. She ignores his warning and joins their cruise on the river Nile.

Linnet Doyle comments that she is "surrounded by enemies" on the cruise, as some of the other travellers are also known to her. They include Andrew Pennington (David Soul), her American trustee, who has orchestrated their 'coincidental' meeting in Egypt in order for her to sign some legal documents. Linnet has also upset her maid Louise (Felicite du Jeu) by interfering in her romantic affairs. Rosalie Otterbourne (Zoe Telford) and aristocrat-turned-Marxist Mr Ferguson (Alastair MacKenzie) take an instant dislike to Linnet. Miss Van Schuyler (Judy Parfitt) admires Linnet's pearls and Tim Allerton (Daniel Lapaine) has a history of being present when precious jewels have been stolen.

One night, after most of the guests have retired to their cabins, Jacqueline and Simon have an argument in the lounge. Jacqueline (who has been drinking) becomes hysterical, pulls a pistol from her purse and shoots Simon in the leg. The two guests who witness the shooting, Ferguson and Cornelia Robson (Daisy Donovan), fetch Dr. Bessner (Steve Pemberton) and keep an eye on Jacqueline. Dr. Bessner tends to Simon's leg injury.

The next morning, Linnet is found dead in her cabin. Her pearl necklace and Jacqueline's pistol (the one used to shoot Simon) are both missing. Although Jacqueline is a natural suspect she has a perfect alibi, having been sedated and watched all night by Cornelia Robson. Simon was also unable to commit the crime due to his leg wound.

Poirot sets out to solve the murder, with the aid of Colonel Race (James Fox). While conducting their investigations, the maid Louise Bourget (Félicité Du Jeu) is murdered and Poirot realises she probably saw the murderer coming out of Linnet's cabin and attempted to extort money in return for her silence. Rosalie's mother Salome Otterbourne (Frances de la Tour) sees Louise's murderer and is about to tell Poirot when she is shot in the head through an open cabin door. The missing pearls are returned by Cornelia Robson, who has recovered them from Miss Van Schuyler, but they are discovered to be a paste replica. Poirot later reveals that fake pearls were substituted by Tim Allerton.

After various suspects are eliminated Poirot reveals that Simon Doyle murdered his wife, with Jacqueline working as his accomplice. They staged Simon's shooting, leaving him free to murder Linnet while the doctor was being fetched by Mr Ferguson and Jacqueline attended to by Cornelia Robson. Simon was left alone for long enough to shoot Linnet, return to the lounge and shoot himself in the leg. Jacqueline killed the maid and Salome Otterbourne, who were both witnesses to the murders. It is revealed that Simon's marriage to Linnet had been cleverly plotted in order to gain her money. When they realise the evidence is against them, Jacqueline shoots Simon and then herself in dramatic fashion. Colonel Race accuses Poirot of knowing Jaqueline has a second pistol. Poirot answers, "It is not always that simple."

The story ends happily, at least for Cornelia Robson and Dr. Bessner, who become engaged.



The scene of stabbing of the maid by Jacqueline is accompanied with the music theme from the Hitchcock film Psycho.

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