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Template:BLP primary sources Template:Unreliable sources oooh, orphan Template:COI Template:Peacock Demian Dressler (born December 16, 1970) is a professional contemporary artist,[1]Template:Dead link veterinary surgeon and clinician,[2] lecturer,[3]Template:Dead link and published author.[4] He is an Ambassador of the World Future Council.[5]Template:Failed verification

His artistic works are housed in the permanent collections of Los Vegas' Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art Template:Failed verificationand the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art in Georgia.[6]Template:Dead link He was the winner of Art Tour International's 2015 "Timeless" Award presented in the Castello Esntense, Ferrara, Italy.[1] Exhibio Magazine awarded him "Top Tier" designation in August, 2015.[7] His artwork was selected to promote the Tokyo International Art Fair in May, 2015.[8] Dressler was included in two separate, juried living Master's Catalogs in 2015.[9] Also in 2014, he was recognized as one of Art Ascent Magazine's "Distinguished Artists",[10] and was the cover artist for Visual Language's Out of Bound's "Artists to Watch and Collect" the same year.[11] His artwork has been exhibited in New York City, Beverly Hills, Los Vegas, Tokyo, Georgia and Hawaii.[12]

Dressler was recognized as a distinguished lecturer by IFT in 2010.[13] Approved by the American Animal Hospital Association as a continuing education provider for veterinarians in 2008,[3] he has lectured nationally in a variety of locations on topics such as chronic disease, systems optimization,[14] nutrition, and cancer. Dressler was the author of the book, "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide",[4] released in 2008, designed to assist and support pet owners in managing their pet's care. He is the inventor of the nutraceutical apoptogen veterinary therapeutic, Apocaps, as well as the veterinary cytoprotectant nutraceuticals, Nutrocept and Everpup.[no citations needed here]

He graduated from Cornell University in New York, with a Doctorate in veterinary medicine and surgery in 1997, and the University of California, Davis, in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and a Minor in Philosophy.

Dressler currently lives in Maui, Hawaii.


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